Nearly three thousand years ago, almost a thousand years before the advent of Christianity, King Solomon, Son of David was the ruler of Israel. Solomon is popularly known for his wisdom and wealth (

Christianity recognises the existence of Solomon, although there is some dispute between the traditionalist and modernist Christians as to the meaning of the Biblical texts.

In Judaism, Solomon is credited for his diligence in building his temple, but regarded as something of a sinner as well.

In Islamic tradition, Solomon is regarded as a Prophet and messenger of God and a divinely appointed monarch.

King Solomon has certainly left his mark on the mainstream religions of the world, but there is another, not so well known story, according to some scholars.

Solomon, it seems, had a dark side, maybe understandably so: the nagging of six hundred wives and three hundred concubines would likely bring out the dark side in any man! Solomon, it is said, built his temple on Temple Mount under instruction from God. However as the temple was being built, he found himself increasingly in disagreement with God and turned to Satan.

Some argue that by the time Solomon’s temple was completed, it was actually a temple of Satan, of the occult. I won’t give references to this, there are many, but this is a can of worms: none of them are conclusive and not the real point I wish to make.

Today, Freemasonry is concerned with the building of King Solomon’s Temple, their lodges are allegorical representations of Solomon’s temple. However, many claim that these lodges are a representation of the occult version of the temple. The point is though, whatever the reality, whatever these temples represent, they are certainly not Christian.

The majority of Freemason’s would be unaware of this as to reach the rank of Master Mason just involves reciting the Emulation Ritual and requires no real in-depth understanding. The rituals can be found here.

It is particularly interesting to note: Christianity and Judaism are recognised as religions, Islam and Freemasonry, although recognising a higher being, are not. Islam is more of a totalitarian system of control, Freemasonry, whatever it is, is not recognised as a religion, but both of these hold King Solomon in the highest esteem even though he was a King of Israel. Make of this what you will.

The Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England is the Duke of Kent (see here). Many members of the Royal Family are also Freemasons.

There are millions of Freemasons worldwide, they include religious and political leaders, Civil Servants, Judiciary, Celebrities and many other influential people. This surely represents a conflict of interests for many.

To be a leader in a Christian country or a minister in our church and a Freemason is a conflict of interests: these must or should be be mutually exclusive. It seems there are many tens of thousands of people in places of power fraudulently, not practising what they preach or not preaching what they practise.

I originally started this line of enquiry when I was intrigued at the sheer deception and deceit by which the European Union and globalisation generally had been foisted upon us. I must admit the fastidious planning behind such a deceptive project amounts to sheer genius, it certainly didn’t happen by accident, I wanted to find the roots of this.

I looked at the Taqiyya techniques practiced by Muslims, into the the Satanic deceptions of the Luciferians, all the time looking for common threads.

Every major project or enterprise needs organisation and control functions and I was curious to understand how such a massive project as globalisation was propagated.

In the days of Captain Cook, empire building was such a simple matter. Cook claimed Australia simply by planting a flag on the beach and claiming it as the property of the Monarchy. Today things are far more complicated, the countries of the world have developed, are more sophisticated and not so easily conquered: new techniques are required.

The New World Order is really the very Old World Order in a different guise. Many people think that they will benefit from the current era of globalisation, that there is something altruistic about it, but as always, it’s about power and control.

As for us Brits, it seems that the Powers That Be, don’t really need us anymore, the Industrial Revolution has been and gone, our army and Navy are no longer needed for empire building, we are to be cast aside. Our country that so many of our ancestors fought and died for is to be usurped from us by stealth, lies and subterfuge.

Perhaps though, there are those of us that would have something to say about this, for all of Blighty’s faults – it was a jewel of a place in the world to live in. If you let it go, you, your children and grandchildren will bitterly regret it.

There are many thousands or even millions of people in this world, that are just not who they pretend to be, control and manipulation is their game.

King Solomon is a long dead king of Israel, but it seems that after nearly three thousand years, his legacy lives on.


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