Ed.: There is still time to act – the link to the government site is at the bottom of this article. If you want to learn why we must act, read it – and read also David Kurten’s article here

On 19th October 2018 – next week – the chance to have your say on the Transgender Recognition Act ends. The Government will then begin their debate on the issue. The awful thing is most people do not even know it is going on.

We all have a chance to voice our opinion before then though most of us haven’t heard about it – BUT the Transgender lobbyists know all about it and a quick google or trawl through Twitter will show they have been campaigning and training their supporters to put forward their point of view, while we have let it pass us by. It’s not our fault – it wasn’t exactly made public. I found out because I got chatting to a woman who runs a small not for profit organisation campaigning for women’s rights (stay with me please, I’m not leading you into a  ‘feminazi’ rant I promise!).

Transgender people are protected from discrimination by law, and that is right and proper. I have no problem with that.

I have written about this before, but now the deadline is looming, and most in the ‘mainstream’  haven’t had their say. What’s my interest in it? I’m just a heterosexual woman who has no problem normally with other’s lifestyle choices if that is genuinely how they feel, so long as I am not expected to adapt to suit and it doesn’t affect me or those around me. But if the proposed changes go through many things will be affected for men as well as women  – and could even be dangerous for your average straight woman.

At the moment anyone who wants to change ‘gender’ has to be diagnosed by their doctor, properly assessed and go through a long process. So generally, only those who are genuine would want to go through it. But the government now wants to introduce self-identifying (literally instantly) making it easy to change sex on birth certificates. And the fact that it had changed would be hidden. This would give full-bodied males who decide they are female access to all women only facilities – changing rooms, showers,  sleeping accommodation, refuges, NHS wards and female sports. A woman or man asking for a doctor of the same sex could be given someone of the opposite sex but who identifies the other way and complaining could land YOU in trouble.

This impacts on prisons too – even worse than now. There have already been cases of rapists deciding they now identify as a woman and being sent to female prisons only to commit rape again! And there will be problems at single-sex bathing ponds – especially where nude bathing is allowed and this too has indeed happened already. It opens up whole new opportunities for abuse by those who will use the law change for criminal purposes. There are also cases where criminal trials have been halted because the defendant now identifies as a different sex!

Transgender lobby groups have millions of pounds and many staff working for them. Ordinary, average straight people – who are the majority – don’t have this sort of money or organisation to fight our corner on issues like this, and we never expected to have to do so. The Transgender lobby is a whole different game from any other minority group –  much more aggressive and determined to make us change to their agenda. Not all transgender people of course. In fact, it is probably only a small minority who are like this – but they have very loud voices. Most people like you and me are not informed on it, and those who ask questions are often threatened with violence on social media.  According to Trans activists, even having a meeting or discussion about the law change is transphobic, and they will use physical violence to stop it. Apparently, if you don’t accept that a man in a balaclava and a mask threatening to shut down a debate is a woman, then you are a Nazi….. How is that democracy?

Yesterday, a newspaper carried an advert (an advert remember not even an opinion piece) from a group telling people about the consultation and asking them to consider the options. This sparked huge fury and abuse on Twitter and beyond. There were rants, lies and accusations that the group wanted to ‘kill transgender people’ and the newspaper was enabling them. The abuse on Twitter went on for a whole day. None of them had read it properly or if they had were determined to misinterpret it. And yet the same paper and other papers have carried many ‘opinion pieces’ allowing transgender people and activists to have their say …!

Transgender people probably represent about 0.2% of the UK population and of those many probably just get on with their lives. But a small number of Trans activists are always on the radio, TV, social media, in the news and everywhere shouting and campaigning for us to change to fit their demands. If this new law change goes through it will open the door to everything we have been worrying about for a long time and that has already been slowly coming in – and the worst thing is a lot of it starts with schools –  unisex toilets and changing rooms, children being encouraged to not have a gender, boys wearing skirts, girls not being allowed to wear skirts, tiny children having discussions about gender …..! It won’t stop there, it will be full steam ahead, and all to accommodate a small minority with a huge agenda…

You don’t have to agree with everything I have said. But please, have your say. Stick up for your rights and don’t let this consultation pass you by. Once the law is changed it will never go back, even if it is a complete disaster. It’s time for the silent majority to have our say. Don’t wait until it’s too late…

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