It’s funny how just occasionally in life you’re struck with a revelation. Some little thing small and insignificant will trigger it off but suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, things become crystal clear.

In some of my past articles, I’ve argued that there wasn’t much difference between Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin, they’d all propagated different messages and doctrines but they’d also used totalitarian methods to enforce them. This isn’t quite the whole story, there was one important point that I was missing.

Recently, I was listening to a Youtube video reporting on some ‘Q’ posts, in one of these posts, Q described Fascism as:

“forcible suppression of opposition.”

Checking various dictionaries, they all give slightly different definitions of Fascism, it is a hard thing to completely define. However, ‘forcible suppression of opposition’ is one characteristic expressed in every single dictionary definition of Fascism that I have looked at. Fascism, by its very nature then, is fundamentally anti-democratic.

Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin were all certainly guilty of forcibly suppressing their opposition, hence: they were all Fascists.

When we look at our political situation, particularly regarding Brexit, it becomes apparent that what we are really dealing with is Fascism.

Let’s start by looking at Political Correctness, surely one of the most totalitarian, fascist propaganda campaigns ever invented.

Political Correctness had been brewing for a long time. It’s hard to know exactly when it started, but it went into overdrive with the arrival of Tony Blair and his government. It was almost unthinkable to express any concern or counter the PC narrative even slightly. To do so was to be branded a racist, fascist or bordering on the clinically insane, there was forced suppression of opposition: Fascism writ large.

Tony Blair and most of his government were, by definition: Fascists. This is also borne out by Peter Mandelson’s claims that we now live in a Post-Democratic society: this is Fascism.

Of course we’ve long realised that the European Union is anti-democratic but the way that it and its supporters in our government has suppressed opposition to anything but their narrative of ever closer union, multiculturalism, globalism etc, that is Fascism too.

During the Brexit campaign our EU supporting government was so confident that it could control the narrative and deliver a remain result that they didn’t even plan for the eventuality of leaving the EU. Fortunately the British people weren’t so gullible as our government thought them to be – so gullible that even though we voted to leave, they think they can fob us off with a Brexit In Name Only.

The hysterics and gerrymandering that have taken place since our referendum on EU membership have been beyond belief. A large faction of the government have tried to force their will on the people despite their democratic decision to leave. Fascism in every sense of the word!

Now as our government’s and that of the globalists EU narrative is breaking down, our country is using the police to forcibly oppose opposition, the EU is planning to have it’s own army and Theresa May is planning to support it. Along with Internet censorship to further control, to oppose narratives, we are turning into a police state every bit as much of a fascist state as anything created by Mussolini or indeed Hitler or Stalin.

In the United States, Liberal/Lefty Democrats have been throwing hysterics since Donald Trump won a democratic election to become the president. Obama, Clinton and a whole host of others and the media lackeys have simply refused to accept a democratic decision: Fascism.

We that voted for Brexit, and President Trump in the US, have long been called fascists, racists and whole host of other unpleasant things as the real fascists have tried to maintain control of the narrative and with increasing force suppress any opposition or alternative viewpoints.

Now we know beyond any doubt who these Liberal/Lefty globalists and Eurocrats really are – they are fascists and if we let them succeed in their totalitarian plans we will enter a new dark age.

Millions of people died during the last world war fighting such fascists, but they are still here and I’m beginning to wonder if the Second World War ever really finished. We owe it to these people that died to give us our freedom to win this fight and I think we will.

One thing is for sure, we UKIPers and Brexiteers no longer need to be intimidated by the slurs, lies and propaganda of the real fascists. We can hold our heads high and be proud while we fight to regain control of our fascist-infested government. A government led by Theresa May, who along with most of her cabinet have disrespected the democratic rights of the British people, they are fascists and they need to be gone as quickly as possible.

When, and not if, we win this war, future history books will tell who the real fascists were and they will remember us as heroes, our time will come.


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