On Monday there appeared to be a chemical attack on civilians in the Syrian city of Douma. Images of this attack appeared in many of our national media accompanied by what seemed to be a well prepared narrative blaming the Syrian government for it.

This information did not come from any independent sources, but directly originated from Jaish al- Islam, the rebel Islamist group operating there, and those organisations such as the so called “white helmets,” who are under their influence. Why most of the media have accepted most of this information without question is perplexing, but it does demonstrate how effective this terrorist organisation has been in dealing with the world media over the past few years.

So far, with this latest alleged attack, Russian investigators who rushed to the now liberated area have found no evidence of such a chemical attack. They have found no dead bodies, no casualties, no one in hospital suffering from chemical attack. The area was not contaminated at all. Local Douma residents did not witness or even hear about a chemical attack. Yet the Islamist terrorists claimed they were attacked with Sarin gas. The actors of this scenario all left the area just hours earlier in coaches as part of an evacuation of terrorists and their families to the Idib district of Syria.

Going back a year ago, the Syrian government were accused of a chemical attack in another area where they were close to achieving victory. There was never any conclusive proof this attack was by the Syrian government and there was no independent visiting of the area concerned. The USA simply believed the “rebels” and attacked the Syrian Shayat air base, killing a number of people including civilians. Yet the independent Syrian Red Crescent has just stated that this previous attack never took place. Of all the chemical attacks alleged to have been made by the Syrian government, none have ever been proven to be by them, simply because they never made these attacks.

The UK Parliament came close to authorising the use of military action against Syria on such allegations back in 2013, and fortunately one of the few memorable actions by former Labour leader Ed Miliband was to stop that.

Why believe the evil Jaish al-Islam?

There is now a crisis situation in the world because the USA, the UK and some other countries appear to believe the allegations originating from Jaish al-Islam. Why any world leader would give any credulity to this terrorist group defies any sense of logic.

This group were described by former US Secretary of State John Kerry in 2016 as “a sub group of ISIS.” Although the State department later retracted this, it does not change how evil they are. In East Ghouta these awful people had civilians in human cages, had underground prisons and tortured and murdered those who disagreed with them. The reality is that the citizens of East Ghouta have been overjoyed by their liberation by their government’s forces, but this seems to have been downplayed by much of our media.

 Jaish al- Islam have used chemical weapons before

On 7th April 2016, Jaish al-Islam admitted to using chemical weapons against the Kurdish militia and civilians in Aleppo (before it was liberated by Syrian government forces ). So  they have a proven record of using chemical weapons, and of using civilians as human shields. It is of course entirely plausible for them to use chemical weapons on civilians.

For some bizarre reason a number of politicians in our country are prepared to believe that the Syrian government would chemically attack their own people, yet they do not consider that the Islamist rebels could have been done so.

We have given comfort, succour and encouragement to the Islamist “rebels.” In fact the majority of Syrian refugees taken into the UK are fundamentalist Sunnis. There is a straightforward choice in Syria: The secular Syrian government or the Islamist rebels. There is no other option. We made the mistake of thinking there was in Libya and ended up creating a failed State.

We need to accept the Syrian people overwhelmingly support their government

At least in Syria, President Assad was voted in overwhelmingly by people there with 88.7% of the vote on a 73.4% turnout. As a political commentator who has built up a number of friends and contacts in Syria over the past few years, I can see that in the UK, we simply do not recognise the huge support President Assad has.

In particular, the 10% of the population who are Christian see him as their saviour and protector. They saw the results of the aftermath of the Iraq war and then Isis, with Iraq’s Christian population reduced from 1.5 million to just 500,000. Indeed, Christians in Syria feel betrayed by some western leaders, who they feel have never stood up for them, when they live in the region of the birthplace of Christianity. Christian districts of Damascus, such as Bab Thouma ( Gate of St .Thomas) and where St. Paul of the road to Damascus fame, lived, have been shelled for years by these Jaish al-Islam terrorists. Schools and Churches have been attacked and numerous men, women and children killed and wounded, yet not a word of outrage from many of our political leaders.

It is of no surprise that Syrians have been grateful for Russian help because many feel it is what the USA and the UK should have done.

We went to war in Iraq at immense cost to ourselves in lost and damaged lives – all on the lie of weapons of mass destruction – we must never be deceived again.

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