Ed – This is 2nd in a series. You can find the 1st part here.

It is clear that a very large segment of voters want to be led by a new breed of politician and not just the same old parties categorised as from the left or right. First and foremost they want to be represented by someone who speaks to their issues of the day and faces up to these with common sense and with a clear commitment to change. In other words someone they feel is ‘honest’ about politics as they, the voters see it and not as they are told they should see it.

Immigration, free trade, defence and security are the four issues that are critical to at least the Western world. Politicians of whichever party that is in government have said they can be trusted to deliver on these and who insist both free trade and large scale immigration are good for us. Many a voter does not see the consequences of either free trade or immigration policies as being good for them. This is where political and economic dogma and the consequences as perceived by the people have moved far apart.

Economists and politicians love to voice that free trade is a ‘win for all’ policy. If you follow just the simplistic arithmetical analysis of free trade you can see why this answer is beguilingly attractive. When you look deeper at the underlying realities and consequences, however, I believe the analysis falls apart. When the West opens the doors of free trade to a communist controlled China that operates an economy with a totally different set of drivers that makes it impossible to compete with, then the only result is a massive export of wealth from West to East. Swathes of industry in the West are shut down with all the huge social and economic costs involved. We are happy to sell companies and assets to China and therefore have them ‘nationalised’ by a communist country when there is no way we would think it a good idea to have our own governments ‘nationalise’ these assets. We need a radical rethink of economic policy to grow sustainable wealth creation in the democratic Western world and stop the enrichment of a Communist state. China is becoming a military menace funded by our own money.

The world is at a cross roads. The big picture issue is whether we in the West and particularly those in the USA, wish the World to be led by the USA and democratic Western values of democracy, capitalism and an open and tolerant society or whether we are happy to cede dominance to China, a regime not known for democracy, or being an open and tolerant society. In addition it is still wedded to a communist ideal, albeit it seeks to cloak its true identity by pronouncing itself to have moved towards a kind of state controlled capitalism.

I for one, wish to see a resurgent USA that starts to put real constraints on China’s growth to limit its impact as a Global power.  I don’t believe Hillary Clinton would have done this. Do I think Donald Trump will achieve it? I don’t know but I want him and the people of the USA to give it their best shot. I would rather we reach out to Russia, albeit with open eyes and from a position of strength than adopt policies that increasingly push China and Russia to become allies against us.

Do I want a radical change of political colour in the UK? Yes I do.  Assuming the politicians will properly deliver the full BREXIT that the Brexiteers  knowledgeably voted for, we will have the sovereign power to achieve it. Mrs May likes to misrepresent the referendum as being a vote for ‘one nation that works for all and not just the privileged few’. That of course is not true. It was a vote to get out of the EU and reclaim our sovereignty so we can fix what cannot work whilst we are in the EU and grasp huge new opportunities.

Voters have rumbled the mainstream parties and their fine words and policy failures. None of them have the courage or desire to depart from their historical political stamping grounds to make radical change. UKIP is the party that can. To succeed  it must enthuse the electorate that it has a developed a suite of different policies born of common sense and grow out of being a BREXIT party to becoming the FIXIT party.  It must  address issues that burn in voters’ minds but have been consigned to the frozen wastelands by the dominant thinking of the liberal left, including Conservative governments of recent years. In this way UKIP will become a party that the country can believe in as a government for today.

The NHS, defence, education, economic, taxation, foreign aid levels, Europe and our security are all policy areas to which UKIP brings a radically new approach. The bonus is that the integration of these new policies pays for itself. UKIP will not fail the people provided leadership relentlessly put their egos away and look only to the ‘National Interest’ as their guiding light.

UKIP must raise its game to focus on the big national and geopolitical questions. We must demonstrate we will protect the long term interests of our people when it comes to the balance of economic, political and military power between Russia, China and the West.

It is time for UKIP to unite on the big issues of the day and show it is the party of radical leadership of change for the better.

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