Having seen the suggested ‘Songs for Europe’ I thought I had seen something like that before.  I did some digging and found what Ray Knowles, from the Salisbury area, wrote in 1997.  Some of the points are a bit dated but most of it is just as valid today as it was in 1997.

The words are set to the tune of ‘Ode to Joy’ and I have reproduced the text exactly as Ray Knowles wrote it, omitting only the numbering of the verses.  See what you think of:

The Un-European Anthem 

Wake up, all you nations, hear us,
Integration’s failed us all;
It is time to free the people,
t is time for Europe’s fall.
We would all be much more pros’prous
Without such incompetence;
So reclaim your sov’reign po-wers,
Save yourselves this vast expense. 

Empires through all hist’ry crumble,
Europe too will likewise fall;
Brussels, Strasbourg, all will tumble,
Let’s get out to save us all.
Regulations crippl-ing business,
Beef moun-tains and great wine lakes;
It is time to halt this madness,
Time to do whate’er it takes.  

Euro bankers want our gold stocks
To finance their spending spree.
Then they want our pension monies,
All sto-len from you and me.
Time to exit from th-is rip-off,
Time to reclaim our sov’reignty;
Time to tell them where to get off,
Then our people shall be free. 

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