For those of us who watch the alternative news media, we know what is going on in Europe as a result of the massive upsurge in immigration (illegal, economic and some genuine refugees) happening across the EU now. Most of us have seen:

  • News reports and Youtube videos of fights on the streets of France, Sweden and Germany
  • Footage clearly showing that 97% of these people are fit young men who should be fighting for their countries in their countries
  • The “steaming” of supermarkets and homes by large groups of migrants in Germany who steal everything and run off
  • Battles at South-East European borders
  • Trashing of immigrant hostels across Central Europe.
  • (See this video for some examples, courtesy of RobinHoodUKIP)

Little of this reaches the mainstream media in any of the EU countries. But, our spies tell us that if one watches the daily TV news in Belgium the talk is all Islamisation and immigration, refugees etc. That is a very radical shift from anything we’ve known.  The aunt of one of our correspondents, always a bit of a pro-EU Lefty as she used to work as an assistant for Belgian Ministers, is slowly changing her outlook.  Our correspondent never thought he would see that coming.

We see an unfolding disaster.  But is THIS latest crisis manufactured or mismanaged? Is it Conspiracy or Cock-Up?

Our elected politicians are definitely weak, they were chosen for that attribute.  But ask yourself how many mistakes and cock ups do you need to see before a pattern becomes obvious to you?  What exactly would you need to see before you would judge a deliberate ploy?  And ask yourself why, when the population are against it, that crime is rising, the police are openly understaffed and overwhelmed, why the politicians are not standing up to say “Stop! Let’s review and regroup!

It is generally accepted that immigration was a deliberate ploy of Blair for electoral and ideological reasons, but the case would unlikely be proven in a court of law. What do we know?

  • EU leaders have repeatedly stated Multiculturalism is the future and people must get used to it.
  • That Germany has had concerns over East German depopulation and low domestic fertility.
  • That many corporate businesses love immigration for cheap labour and more consumers.
  • Many in the banking and central banking community are behind immigration, ostensibly because of the low fertility rate which is an old saw of economists going back 15-20 years.
  • The borders of Europe have been more porous since the Iron Curtain came down.

There seems to have been a general openness to immigration in the EU’s institutions, let’s say as a general policy, or general mindset.  One theory is that within that mindset, this latest flood of people is something for which the EU is unprepared.  And perhaps because the EU has historically so much difficulty managing large projects (e.g. the Euro) it cocks up badly.

If, no matter what happens, you believe it is all a mistake and it will be alright in the end, so be it, but this view is not supported by history.  If there is no plan behind this, why are they not trying to stop it?  Why is Merkel upping the numbers she is willing to take against her people’s wishes?  Why are groups who seek to oppose this stupidity and unfolding catastrophe smeared and classed as extremists?  Sweden is now pushing for a law to make people house immigrants in their own homes, due to the numbers they are importing en masse (mainly Somalis). The list goes on.

All of this is what? Coincidence or heavenly star alignment?

And, why does the press only report one, deeply warped side of the story? Perhaps it is merely the first instinct of a cornered beast that has already been put at existential risk already by the economic, Euro and Greek crises?   And perhaps they are simply worried that public knowledge of all the disastrous events across Europe could be enough to sway public opinion so badly against the whole edifice that it would put the EU into further existential angst?    And moreover, given the rise of the reactive parties of Le Pen, Wilders, Farage et al are the Europhiles not rational to try to cover it all up?

At what point will you say enough?  Does your house need to be requisitioned by the government for migrant housing?  They are already taking your taxes for this.  Thinking of Rotherham, Oxford and Aylesbury, does your daughter need to be gang raped as an infidel whore?  Does your local or central government need to impose Sharia law on you to ensure you accept multiculturalism fully? That has already been accepted in some areas of the UK and has been taken account of in our courts.

To combat the destruction of Europe and the UK, we need to understand, admit and agree there is a problem.  As long as people refuse to see, deny or simply run from it this situation, it will snowball.  Currently we have the pleasure of engaging in reasoned debate, though this may not last – the “Extremism Bill” could well make those of engaging in that debate become suspected criminals. Read this, from the USA, where perhaps this aspect of the change is more advanced.

There have been people discussing plans that might come into the category of New World Order for about a century now.  This is only a variant of an older dream – the dreams of empires of Alexander, of the Roman Empire, of Charlemagne. Read these words from Arnold Toynbee, Polly’s grandad:

“We are at present working discreetly but with all our might to wrest this mysterious political force called sovereignty out of the clutches of local national states, and all the time, we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands – because to impugn the sovereignty of local national states is still a heresy… sovereignty will cease in fact if not in name to be a local affair”

We must remind ourselves of Occam’s principle.  The simplest explanation is the same utopian empire building tendency, but it’s too big and their conceit is so monstrous, they can scarcely bring themselves to see that mismanagement and cock-up are inevitable.  Going back over history, how much do those with Empire building ambitions actually CONTROL events?  Is it not the historic pattern, at least in recent centuries, that events are uncontrollable? Is this “collective stupidity making a few mistakes” as the root cause here?  Or is it something more sinister?

What do you think? Deliberate or cock-up? Conspiracy or Stupidity?


More than one person contributed to this article, including Mike Fitzgerald. Many thanks to those who did.

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