Recently I was watching that movie with Kevin Costner and Sean Connery, The Untouchables. Eliot Ness and his team battled Al Capone and his mob in their fight to enforce prohibition in America (they’d have had to lock me up).

By far the biggest problem that Ness faced was the corruption in government, the law and the police, so many of these people were on Capone’s payroll.

Even when Capone finally ended up in court charged with tax evasion, he sat there arrogantly, confident that he was above the law, that he had the jury bribed. Then the jury was changed and Capone was sentenced to a lengthy spell in jail and the smirk was removed from his face.

While watching this movie, I realised that both here and in the US we are facing a similar problem but on a much larger scale.

In the USA since Donald Trump’s election, there has been an absolute refusal to accept a democratically elected president, every attempt has been made to undermine him. His decisions have been reversed by left wing judges and the mainstream media have vilified Trump. The corrupt tentacles of Obama and Clinton’s government, while preaching altruism and equality, have reached into every corner of the political and judicial system of the USA.

It is now coming to light just how corrupt these people are. Hilary Clinton and Uranium One, selling nuclear material to potential enemies and many other emerging crimes. Now there is mention of Barack Obama accepting massive bribes, like his friend, ex president Lula of Brazil: now in prison.

I’ve read now though of a prediction that soon people will be going to jail, Donald Trump may actually be draining the swamp. I also suspect that when this happens and the court cases begin, that many British and European politicians will be implicated.

Here in the United Kingdom, instead of Al Capone or Barack Obama, we have the European Union along with Angela Merkel, Jean Claude-Juncker and Theresa May.

The tentacles of the European Union run deep into our government, legal system, judiciary and probably much else besides, particularly the Mainstream Media.

I’ve always noticed how in any legal case with the European Union, after a bit of a pantomime, the EU would always win. Even if it obviously shouldn’t have done, the law would mysteriously be twisted and bent. The Gina Miller case is a good example of this.

We’ve seen endless examples of our government making a show of arguing or negotiating with the EU, always to give up to the wishes of the EU in the end. It is obvious to many now that it was an act of treason that took us into the Common Market, now EU, in the first place.

I suppose one day the history books will tell us the price that our politicians put on the betrayal of their country and the citizens they were elected to represent. Where did the money come from to sponsor the Islamic invasion of our country? Did much of the money come from Saudi Arabia like so much money poured into the Clinton foundation? Time will tell.

From Stalin to Mussolini to Hitler, they all started out spinning utopian dreams of equality and fairness; today we have the European Union and multiculturalism. However when people begin to wake up to the lies, that’s when people start to disappear in the night, that’s when governments have to reinforce their authority with totalitarianism and suppression.

This is where we are today, the British government or European Union stooges have finally come out in their true colours. This is proved by the recent arrest and incarceration of Tommy Robinson.

To arrest a man on a trumped (?) up charge and have him in prison in less than an hour would be good going for Hitler or Stalin; this is what our country has become. This though could very well be a death sentence in a prison largely populated with Muslims. How convenient for the government as a way to dispose of a man who will not conform to their false narrative.

At least we know where we stand now with our government as they try to fob us of with another pantomime over Brexit, we’d have to be fools to believe that they ever intended to let us be free of the EU.

But we are waking up, our government doesn’t fool us any more. I have read predictions that trials will soon be starting in the USA – how far behind we are here in the UK I don’t know, but I’m confident that it will happen.

Like Al Capone, our government will keep up their stony-faced arrogance all the time that they feel that they are above the law, perhaps they’re in for a surprise.

According to some sources, it is predicted that many of the corrupt politicians and government officials in the US will either run or attempt suicide rather than stand trial, this is an interesting possibility.

What will our politicians do when they realise the game is up and the arrogant smirks fall from their faces?

Certainly if these people want to commit suicide we shouldn’t stand in their way. Being the kind people we are, maybe we should leave them in a quiet room with a bottle of their favourite booze, a pistol and a single bullet. They can then be left alone to have a good drink while they contemplate their lives and pluck up the courage to do probably the only descent thing that they have ever done in their lives.


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