We have all experienced the effects of the virus, whether directly for the unfortunate few or through restrictions on our daily lives. We have little if any certainty about the eventual outcome or the reasons behind its occurrence. Of course, these are my own thoughts about it but hopefully can promote further discussion and possible answers. 

What do we know?

It seems likely that the virus has not occurred naturally but from one of the many chemical and biological weapons facilities around the world. We now know that a form of anthrax was accidentally released from a Russian facility in 1979 but was contained. Other instances have been reported since but are hard to verify.

Who is behind it?

The finger of accusation was initially pointed at China, perhaps with the intent of convincing us that the virus had developed naturally and been transmitted by the consumption of certain animal parts considered as delicacies or beneficial to health, e.g. pangolin scales. There are alternative possibilities behind the release of the virus into the population at large:

  1. Inadequate security at a laboratory carrying out legitimate research
  2. Inadequate security at a biological weapons facility
  3. Deliberate release by an individual at such a facility
  4. Deliberate release as a planned event by some entity

I think it likely that, in the case of an accidental release, we would by now know the source for certain so let’s consider a deliberate release. Given the rapid spread of the virus it is unlikely that any individual country would have considered it a suitable weapon for use against a perceived or real enemy; the chances of it biting back are too high. So, who else could be responsible?

Although we cannot rule out a group of fanatics or terrorists who somehow obtained a sample of the virus there is one possible culprit that stands out. That culprit is the United Nations or some group of globalists with similar aims.

Why the UN?

The various UN plans (Agenda21, Agenda2030 and now Agenda2050) for our or, more likely, our descendant’s future require a dramatic reduction in the human population and restrictions on access into the countryside so that it may revert to its former wild state. Those plans are not widely publicised, probably by intent. It may be noted that there seems to be no opposition to those plans by the various UN member states. As an aside Agenda21 relates to a target date of 2100 but one has to wonder if that has been confused with 2021. In any event it would take centuries to reduce the population by so much through acceptable means.

It might be considered unlikely that there is a mainstream UN policy to depopulate the earth but the policy has already been published in various documents and could well have been taken up by a group of globalists for their own selfish benefit. It is unlikely that any single country would deploy such a weapon against another country owing to the inability to control it without a massive immunisation programme for themselves and their allies.

Of course, the perpetrators could be some rogue faction of or associated with the UN. Nevertheless, the intent of the UN is documented and clear.

With respect to immunisation it is also unlikely that such a weapon would be deployed without an antidote or vaccine being available to protect the perpetrators. We will have to see if/when one appears; obviously Boris is not one of their chosen few.

What else suggests the intent to control us?

Certain people have been accused in recent weeks of spreading disinformation about a false link between 5G and coronavirus. I am not prepared to accept that there is no link; 5G on its own seems to have been responsible for many ill effects (see e.g. here and here).  Indeed, the recent article by Anthony Webber here in ID (see here) is worrying particularly given government intransigence.

Government will simply not consider any evidence of such effects and is pushing on with implementation regardless. The involvement of Huawei in our critical infrastructure is of serious concern; usually where the Chinese are involved there is an ulterior motive and serious concerns in respect of product quality.

However, that aside, what does concern me is the giving of ever more control over our lives to government. Who would want to allow government to disable our “smart” car, listen in to our private conversations or turn off our utility supplies at will?


It will likely take decades for the truth to come out but we would be wise to press our government to cease support for the UN and any other organisation of similar intent. Whether they would comply is a moot point but we have a duty to save our planet for our descendants, not just the self-declared “elite”.  We should not allow the level of surveillance and control which government is seeking either.

Their future will not be secured by the green crappery that we have been subjected to and will be a truly Orwellian one if we don’t fight back. Freedom may be easily lost but, once lost, will be impossible to regain by non-violent means.


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