The capitulation of US President Obama in negotiations with Iran means that Iran will realise its aim to build nuclear weapons within a few years.  We already know that Muslims through their religion are permitted, even encouraged, to lie and cheat in their dealings with non-muslims; Obama, despite his apparent Muslim heritage, appears ignorant of the fact; maybe he just chooses to appear so.

That a US President can behave in that way must be astonishing to many but his track record on other matters (Obama-care, immigration, Benghazi etc.) points to the reality that he is unfit to hold office.

The Israelis must be wondering too what has happened to the special relationship which they have enjoyed for many years when Obama caves in to the sponsor of their immediate enemy, Hamas.  There can be no doubt that all Muslim terror groups will take sustenance from the clear weakness now shown by the USA

Israel of course will not take this lying down.  It is seen as an absolute necessity for their survival that they prevent Iran obtaining nuclear arms.  Whatever errors were made by past British and US governments in displacing others to create the State of Israel do not excuse the stated intent of others to destroy it now.

So Israel must take the necessary steps to defend itself.  Whether it has the capability to attack several nuclear facilities in Iran concurrently remains to be seen, but that may be the only option for its survival.

Such an attack would likely result in many civilian casualties either working at the nuclear plants, living near them or from the wider fallout in the event that nuclear weapons were to be used.  It is also likely to require the removal of the Iranian government as far as is practicable to limit their ability to respond.  Inevitably other countries would be drawn into the conflict.

However, one area of greater concern would be the reaction of the Muslim world to that which would be seen as a direct attack on their religion and, no doubt, fuelled by the so-called extremists amongst them. So it is very likely that extremist Muslims who have settled in other countries, including our own, would seize the opportunity to rise up against the native population.  Certainly their number in the UK is now sufficient for an uprising; it happened in Bradford many years ago when their number was much less.

We are ill prepared for such an uprising.  Our police are unarmed, our military has been reduced to an ineffective level despite Cameron’s recent promises and we have a government which at best ignores the threat and at worst supports the other side.  We are not allowed arms to defend ourselves yet it is likely that arms are present in the various un-policed communities.  After all the IRA were very successful in arming themselves and were much smaller in number than the likely number of Muslim extremists.

So what must we do?  We certainly cannot rely on our present government to protect us so must make every effort to change them through the available democratic processes.  Maybe those living near to the large Muslim communities might relocate, but such action in the past has meant the availability of more cheap property into which the communities have expanded.

While I live overseas, I would encourage any of my family members remaining in the UK to move to a safer country, unless action comes from our government to protect the settled peaceable majority from this potential threat…


(Photograph from here and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License)

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