Good morning, and welcome to the worst of all worlds.

Brexit is finished, washed up, beaten hollow, dead and gone. That’s only the half of it: the other half is that Theresa May – the most duplicitous politician since Edward Heath and the biggest traitor since Judas Iscariot – is still prime minister.

This is the shape of it…

May’s Chequers deal will take us out of the EU by keeping us within the EU. We shall remain in a customs union by any other name; only now we shall be obliged to pay extra for the privilege. Did I say privilege? Yes, but it is a Theresa May sort of privilege which means it is actually a deficit, a handicap and a punishment. It means that we shall not be allowed to make free trade deals with other nations. In more ways than you can think of, we remain bound to the EU and subservient to the diktats of its Commissioners or, as these functionaries were called when they operated in the USSR, Commissars.

The comparison is exact. I remember when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the poet and constitutional expert C.H. Sisson asked me rhetorically, “Why are we rejoicing over this when we are building something very similar to the Soviet Union in the West?”

Today’s capitulated Britain is indeed no more than a vassal state under foreign domination: to be specific, the polity of the EU, aka the German Empire, the Fourth Reich.

Britain has just concluded lavish celebrations to mark the centenary of our victory over Kaiser Bill. Are we now to celebrate our defeat at the hands of Jean-Claude Juncker?

The vote to leave in 2016 was ever doomed to failure. Don’t forget that Mrs May has always been a remainer. But get this straight: she is not a remainer out of any sort of principle – however deluded. Mrs May has no principles. Or rather her one – I might as well call it remaining – principle is to preserve herself in office for the foreseeable future. Imagine that: May without end. You don’t have to imagine it. It’s a fact. Get used to it.

Her treachery consists in the fact that, since the referendum result, she has relentlessly and with all that sickening persistence she exudes, connived and conspired with powerful Europhile elites to keep us in the union. These elites comprise a kind of informal corporatist state and they include the civil service and the mass media.

All this is bad enough. But it is not the worst. The worst is that the opposition to May’s Chequers plan, the so-called brexiteers, have shown themselves to be utterly incompetent – and worse, cowardly. They have been bribed and bought off by the EU machine and cowed into moral paralysis by the apparatchiks. As Nadine Dorries, MP for mid-Bedfordshire, said earlier today, “They are all mouth and no trousers.”

This is the very worst of what was already a very bad job: the revelation that the politicians who are supposed to represent us and the national interest are actually working against us and our declared wishes.

Is there a worse place to be than Britain this morning? Hell itself, I suppose. But then, with Marlowe’s Dr Faustus, I have to conclude, “Nay this is hell; nor am I out of it!”




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