Now that the extraordinary and disgusting ‘extension’ for the voter registration has passed – without a crash of the government computer, as far as we know – let’s look at the “Youth Vote”,  the 18-25 year olds which the Remain politicians and the gurus in the media so fondly believe will swing it for the Innie-Ninnies. That’s why Cameron used Facebook ads targeted at that group, paid for by taxpayer’s (our) money!

What can we do in these last days to swing the young towards Brexit?

Two arguments come to mind, which everybody can use – especially on the social media so favoured by the young. Both go back to the referendum of 1975, with the result we all know.

Firstly, in 1975, those who are denigrated today as being old, resentful, hate-filled Little Englanders who cling to their past and who will die soon anyway so why should they be allowed to vote for the future – those were young then, as young as the starry-eyed youth of today.

We (yes, I am of that generation) still believed that politicians tell the truth. And we voted for a Common Market, not the ‘ever-closer-union’ about which we weren’t told.

From that time onwards, we’ve experienced the Maastricht Treaties, the introduction of the Euro and an EU-Constitution, which was scuppered after the Netherlands and France voted “non”, and which was resurrected as Lisbon Treaty. All our top politicians at that time told us we’d get a referendum on that treaty. Did we get it? Did we heck! We even had a ‘cast-iron promise’ by you-know-who, and didn’t he wriggle out of that!

We, the horrible, old people who now want OUT have experienced in our own lives since 1975 what being in the EU actually means.

We know what it was like to have regular waste collections without numerous wheelie bins at our front doors. We know what it was like to earn a decent wage and not to have to pay ever increasing stealth taxes and fuel bills, to have properly lit homes and British jobs for British people.

We’ve learned since 1975 what it’s like to have to live with the lies perpetrated by the EUrophile politicians!

The youth, loving the EU because they don’t know better, because they’ve been told all their lives how wonderful it is, who haven’t been taught our History because it’s racist and shameful – they don’t realise that their personal freedoms won’t be restricted if we leave. To the contrary!

The UK isn’t in the Schengen Area, so everybody has to show their passports when travelling abroad anyway, without any great distress. Since we’re not in the Euro-Zone, we have to exchange our currency anyway, That isn’t hampering the youth from going to Magalouf and all those other Mediterranean summer drinking spots, is it!

They are being conned and don’t even know that!

Secondly,  what about the old hankering for the past and being too frightened to vote for the glorious future inside the EU?


It’s the starry-eyed youth who are the ones being frightened by the politicians and EU propagandists, it’s the starry-eyed youth who crave to remain in the past – the EU past they’ve known all their lives. It’s the starry-eyed youth who lack the imagination and the courage to look to the future, their future.

In 1975, when we oldies voted for the Common Market, we had no idea what was going to happen later. At that time, it was us who courageously took a leap into the dark. It was us who voted for the future so gloriously described by the politicians.

Yes, we were conned, and how easy that was at a time without Internet, without online comments, without alternative media, without smartphones and social media – something the youth of today cannot even imagine having to do without.

The youth of today, on whose votes the Remain Campaign, Cameron first and foremost, is relying so much, are the ones who are frightened and cowardly. They are the ones who want to remain in the past. Worse – for all their much-vaunted disdain of the older generation, they don’t seem to mind at all that they are being governed from Brussels by old men in grey suits, by the generation of their parents and grandparents whom they’ve been taught to disrespect.

There’s the saying that those who don’t learn from the past are condemned to re-live it.

Obviously, one generation has learned from the past and has no desire to re-live it, under conditions which are going to get worse: the old, the ones who were young in 1975. The young generation, the one which the establishment needs so dearly to keep us in the EU, seems incapable of looking back further than last week.

In these last days before June 23rd, tell the young ones that they are not voting for the future, but for the past, that they are the dupes, that they are being conned just as we were conned. If you really want to put the frighteners on the youth, tell them that the EU is planning to allow access to their beloved social media – Facebook, Twitter, whatapps, snapchat – only with a government ID card, which can of course be withdrawn by government.

Tell them to be courageous, just as we were courageous, and to take the leap into the ‘dark’ – for Freedom!

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