When I speak with people on the anti-establishment right and digest their vlogs and news sources online, often they believe there is some sort of conspiracy going on with the left – that everything’s orchestrated behind the scenes with a hidden end in mind: that of elite totalitarian dictatorship, or something along those lines.

There is talk of a Cultural Marxist conspiracy – although during all my years involved with leftists, I was never taken aside and told about any such hush-hush plan. I hear a lot of talk about Common Purpose training – as if everyone who undergoes a training course comes out a zombie believer. (Not that I’ve ever undergone Common Purpose training. It may be the case.)

One of those who bangs on about Common Purpose is a certain Brian Gerrish, who also talks about Neuro-Linguistic Programming and its disturbing power to brainwash. This is something I do have extensive experience in. I spent several years and much money trying to get this pseudoscientific pop psychology mumbo jumbo to live up to its outlandish overhyped claims. It’s snake oil sold to people who dream of having influence over others and it basically doesn’t work, because most people aren’t that stupid.

There is no great Cultural Marxist conspiracy because, to be a conspiracy, it would have to be a secret, and lefties make no secret of what they think and what they want to do. Indeed, they can’t help mouthing off about it at every possible opportunity. You just need to go online, to a university campus, a meeting, campaign group or bookshop.

Many leftist in responsible positions would be rather condescending about the likes of the SWP, old communists and hippies I’ve talked about in other articles in this series. They’re doing the serious day-to-day work of working with central and local government, schools and universities, other public bodies, the EU & UN, NGOs, funding bodies and big business to further their agenda. Long gone are the days when they would need to be quiet about working to change the system from within. They are now the establishment. Their objectives are now official policy and law.

The propaganda is now so all-pervasive, it’s even got to people you would expect to be a bulwark against it. The establishment forces of conservatism surrendered years ago. Many in the Conservative Party – even sections of UKIP – are so scared of the bitter hatred of the left and the consequences of being tarred with the ‘far right’ brush that they dare not challenge it, and in some cases they actually buy into it – after all they’ve often come up through the same institutions and move in the same circles.

Grassroots leftists still make the mistake of seeing themselves in opposition to big business and the ruling class. What has happened over the years is that Cultural Marxism has come to an accommodation with corporatism, which has enabled them to work hand-in-hand. Big businesses are interested in growth and profits. They don’t care about nations, peoples, culture, families or personal freedom. They don’t care what race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity their customers or employees are. They do care about their brand image, so if trumpeting their politically correct credentials makes them look good, they’ll wholeheartedly walk the talk.

The leftists, at least the ones in power, are more muted in their criticism of fat cat salaries, concentration of wealth, runaway consumerism and offshoring jobs to countries with poor wages, conditions and environmental controls. Instead they focus on identity politics, which doesn’t threaten the economic status quo. Standards and regulations are agreed with the input of big business and serve as barriers to entry from smaller enterprises, to protect their position.

Totally on board as I am with the sovereignty and free trade arguments which drove Brexit, my main objection to the EU is that I view it an institution which enables a cosy establishment of Cultural Marxists to by-pass democracy to irreversibly impose their agenda on a whole continent, rendering citizens and governments powerless under EU law. Brexit is not an end in itself. It’s just a first step in taking back control. I believe the hysterical reaction to the Brexit vote has proved me right.

Surely those at the very top – our national leaders, their corporate backers and the security apparatus – know full well what’s happening and where we’re headed. Why would our leaders push this, or let it happen? Why would the ruling class shit on their own doorstep? Surely the want to live in safe prosperous Western countries like the rest of us? Surely they would prefer to rule over an industrious law-abiding European populace than a volatile Islamic one?

Well they don’t see it that way. They too have been through a university system, with leftist professors, whose gender studies, women’s studies, revisionism and deconstructionism are today’s equivalent of the National Socialists’ ‘racial science’ courses. They have been indoctrinated by the same entertainment culture, mass media and ‘equality and diversity’ training. The all talk the Cultural Marxist lingo and the political correctness goes right to the top. They live in an echo chamber with other politicians, the media, NGOs and metropolitan dinner parties. They don’t live in the places bearing the brunt of the strain on our social fabric.

They associate national identity with racism, fascism and Nazism. It is therefore imperative to break it. They repeat the “diversity is strength” mantra. They believe we need young immigrant workers to pay for the pensions of our ageing population – but this is a fallacy as the immigrants themselves will grow old too, requiring yet further infusions of immigrants. For big business, immigrants are cheap labour, and a growing economy means a growing market. Whether refugees are real or bogus, it doesn’t matter, all immigration is great.

There is no conspiracy. It’s not that intelligent. The ship it sails without a captain.

Now that’s a really scary thought.


[Ed: This is the seventh article in the series. There are more to come which will be published here in the next days. Read Article Seven here, Six here and Five here,  and find links to the earlier articles at the bottom of the page here.]

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