Like many of you I watch and read the information and videos on InfoWars.

I sit nodding and agreeing as Paul Joseph Watson goes off on a diatribe aimed purely at undermining not only the liberal message but more importantly their liberal agenda. Exposing the hypocrisy of it all.

‘There is a War on for your Mind’ is a brilliant tagline, mainly because it is true. There is.

Three weeks ago there was a suicide attack in Manchester, my home city. The man who committed it, who I refuse to refer to by name instead preferring the moniker Tinkerbell, deliberately targeted children in a suicide attack.

Do you remember the time when you heard?

Do you remember the sickness in your stomach and the absolute shock and disbelief?

How you cried as images were shared on social media from parents desperate to have news of their child who hadn’t been heard of since the concert finished. You must remember as it was only three weeks ago? You couldn’t have forgotten the frustration, the anger and the burning need to know not only how this happened, but who was responsible and why?

Twenty-two innocent people died on the streets of my home city less than three weeks ago and check your mood now as opposed to then. Completely different right?

Why is that? You are a caring person, you have a heart yet even though those people who died could very easily have been you, or your loved ones or your children, your mood surrounding it has changed.

Yet here we are.

Two weeks later and another terror attack, a week ago, in London – and it’s business as usual. No-one appears to be bothered. Why?

There is a very simple reason and it’s called Social Conditioning which is quite literally a ‘war for your mind’.

There was a perfect example of this when the “#OneLove for Manchester” pop concert was beamed into every home in the country, with such an innocent and utopian message, that “Love can conquer all and we are all people, we are all the same”.

The BBC News reports after the event continued in the same vein, #OneLove, and as the News Broadcast came to end there was a closing statement of apparent fact by the Social Affairs Editor who claimed, ‘Londoners celebrate their diversity, they celebrate their communities and they embrace multi-culturalism…..’ as an opening statement to his summing up.

Everywhere in the mainstream media you will not hear one voice saying that they are angry, that they have had enough and that they want this sorting out now. Not one. Instead you will hear the message of Stronger Together, We Will Not Be Divided, One Love – and that to do anything else is wrong.

The Social Conditioning message is everywhere and it’s designed purely for one reason: to put you all back to sleep. There’s nothing to see here. Don’t react. Choose Love.

This has come to the point that someone like me, who refuses to go to back sleep and points out what they are attempting to do with events such as the #OneLove for Manchester concert, is berated for not joining in and is criticised for being negative. The truth of the matter is that people want to go back to sleep. It’s safer and it’s far easier to just go with the flow as ignorance is indeed bliss. To actually refuse to do so is scary, really scary. As you finally break free from the spoon-feeding of what to think and how to react, you finally see what is in place to control the masses: Propaganda on a massive scale

We live under the illusion that we are free, that we have choices and that we are masters of our own destiny – but we are not.

To highlight the point, the other day CNN were rumbled via Social Media, documenting how they were ‘staging’ a news report with London Bridge as its backdrop: an apparent group of Muslim women were protesting against the Terror attack. The report was shown on every news channel to demonstrate that we are all one, we are all together.

Except they weren’t a genuine protest and we aren’t all together despite the media insisting this is the case. The signs they women were holding were handed to them by CNN. Their message was #OneLove and We Stand Together. Hijabs were being handed out, as was a burka. Google it. The cameraphone footage is currently doing the rounds and it shows the manipulation which is taking place. It’s all designed for one reason and one reason alone: for you to go back to sleep.

Don’t take my word for it as you watch the news and the talk shows, but look out for what I have described. It’s there and it’s real.

InfoWars are right when they claim that there is a war on for your mind.

Blue pill or red pill? The choice is yours.



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