Ed: here’s the follow-up to Part I, published yesterday:

The majority of today’s legal practitioners and professors are totally unaware, the poor dears, of the EU’s Corpus Juris project which will rip our legal system to shreds. By supporting the EU they are biting the hand that has fed them for 800 years.  Rumpole must be turning in his grave. Indeed his creator John Mortimer was very concerned about the Corpus Juris threat, and wrote about it in a full-page article which appeared in the Daily Mail on 1st May 2000. Yet even the Master of the Rolls seems to think that Magna Carta’s influence is felt in civilised countries “across the world”, quite unaware of the totally different and antithetical systems derived from the Inquisition that are used in countries across the channel.

Doubtless Mrs May will take these jokers seriously, and have a debate about their petition. Our present Parliament, stuffed as it is with Remainians, may well take the advice of the 1000 renegade barristers and vote against triggering article 50, and therefore condemn the country to Remain inside the EU. Of course if it does do that it will be setting its face openly against the Will of the People, as expressed in the Referendum, and there will be a major constitutional crisis.

As people are denied their voice in the institutions, there could be massive street protests. Violence could break out. That might give Mrs May the opportunity to call in “special intervention units” from our EU allies, as she said she would be willing to do “if needed”, in June 2012. At that point our membership will be forced upon us by force of arms, and we will be bound to Brussels with hoops of steel.

It would be most unwise of her to follow that course. Those barristers have no idea of how they are playing with fire. As lawyers, they are indeed asses. Thank goodness the British legal system gives the last word, on guilt or innocence, to ordinary citizens sitting in juries or as lay magistrates, since the men of law, if these ones are at all representative, cannot be trusted,

So let us suppose she disregards their petition, and invokes article 50, and proceeds to Brussels to “negotiate terms”.

At this point, what, if anything, can UKIP do to influence the course of events?

What has happened is that 150,000 Tory grassroots members have been robbed of their right to choose. There is outrage amongst many of them. Tory party cards are being torn up, and many are applying to join UKIP. This is already happening spontaneously, so we need to encourage them and give them a warm welcome!

Above all we need to raise the alarm and publicise the fact that as Home Secretary, Theresa May was all for “of course” welcoming the lethally-armed, paramilitary, Eurogendarmerie Force, loyal only to Brussels, onto British soil. Nobody knows this! It was in reply to a PQ by Dominic Raab in June 2012 – nobody seems to have spotted it, or realised its dire significance. It would mean placing the country under an alien military occupation. The wall of silence on this matter must be broken.

It is not of merely academic interest, even after the Brexit vote. For two years now, and after invoking article 50, we will still be fully members of the EU and subject to all their laws and decisions. If there is social unrest in the UK – and she might well stir it up, with remarks about possible deportation, calculated to alarm the 3mn EU residents – , Ms May might actually call on the EGF (EUROGENDFOR) to come on over and help quell the disturbances. If she does that, then our struggle to get out will, alas, no longer be a matter of debating and voting and ballots, but of bullets. It will be a scenario that Britain has not seen for 350 years.

We must hound her with demands to withdraw that rash – not to say treasonous – statement.

Even if this does not happen, we have a long hard slog ahead. I do not think there will be an early GE before 2020. As I understand it, the Fixed-Term Parliament Act means the PM cannot just ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament, it has to dissolve itself with a 2/3 majority vote. This is actually unconstitutional, and a simple majority would be enough to remove the obstacle by repealing that Act. However I doubt that the current lot of MPs would be willing to do even that.

The situation is paradoxical, for we have a Parliament of Remainers who no longer represent the Will of the People, as expressed in the Referendum, and yet there is little chance of a General Election before 2020.

Theresa May just might have a change of heart, and decide to go for a real Brexit, restoring control of our borders, the supremacy of our courts over the ECJ and the ECHR, no more tribute paid to Brussels, restoration of our fishing rights, and all the other demands of the Leave side. If so, that would be great.

But we should beware of indulging in wishful thinking. We all think it would be wonderful if she did do that, and her rhetoric will surely encourage us to think that she is doing it. But her past record makes one think that it is unlikely that she will. She will probably go for some form of “Brexit light”, to be served with an ample dose of fudge.

This conflict is destined to boil up, as in a pressure cooker. Something will have to give. The continental way is for the State to bludgeon the people into submission, hence the prevalence of EGF-type paramilitary police forces. Or, if the people prevail over the State, there is a bloody revolution and heads roll in the public square. These ways are – or should be – repugnant to the English mind.

Already there is indignation boiling up in the Tory rank and file, as stated. UKIP should position itself as the vehicle for the revolt, above all, by spreading information. We need to monitor very closely the negotiations in Brussels between May and the Commission, and tell the people. They will trust us more than the government’s spin on what is going on.

The official opposition is also in disarray, under Corbyn’s unsteady leadership, and Labour voters are also flocking to UKIP’s banner, especially in the North.

So we must fan these flames. And we must contest by-elections and local elections. The Parliamentary disconnect from the country must be corrected!

As a party our position is now far stronger than it ever was. Remember how we used to be elbowed out of the way in past election campaigns? How even the theme of EU membership was pushed out of the arena of public debate? Neither can happen now. UKIP now occupies centre-stage, and the EU theme is uppermost in everyone’s mind. This is our huge, new advantage. We must capitalise on our extra strength.

There is a tide moving our way, and we must take full advantage of it.

Just one thing. We must stop saying we are “the 3rd party in British politics”. With the British FPTP voting system, nobody except anoraks wants to vote for a 3rd party, since it is a certain loser. The fact that nearly 4 million anoraks did vote for us last time is an indication of our real strength, though it was not enough, since we only won 1 seat.

We must remember – and  remind others – that when the last EU Parliamentary election was held, UKIP emerged as the first party in the country. And now the referendum result shows that over 17 million voters chose to vote the way that only UKIP as a party wanted, on our core issue.

So for the next election, surely a by-election, we must stand proud and remind people of this, tell them that we are now the First Party in the country, so that they can vote for us with confidence that their vote will not be a wasted vote. We are now centre-stage, and we must not forget it!

Even if there is no general election until 2020, there will be by-elections, and we will win them. And once we have a solid representation, even of only a few voices, in Parliament – and Nigel will have to be persuaded to return to the fray there! – our message will be amplified and will reach the whole country.

There will surely be defections from sitting MPs crossing the floor to join us. We might even persuade the other sitting MPs that their situation is untenable, since a Remainian Parliament cannot represent a Brexiteer electorate. In that case the unsustainability of a Parliament that is out of tune with the country will be realised by all, and Parliament can do the decent thing and dissolve itself and there can be an early election. We can then at last elect a majority Brexit Parliament, which will obtain good terms from Brussels, or failing that, repeal the ECA72 unilaterally, and put us at last as masters of our own fate – as long as the ECJ does not forbid it on some pretext, and as long as it does not already have its own boots on our ground to enforce its will upon us.!

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