We received the following short review of the film “They Shall Not Grow Old”, sent in by Brian Cooke who also provided the link to the video below:


I watched the film “They Shall Not Grow Old” last Tuesday and felt so moved by it.

The film covers the lives of the the men & boys who heard of the coming  war and signed up for King & Country.

Some lads were as young as 15 years old, but big for their age, the recruiting officers when told of their age, told them to go outside, have a few birthdays and come back in, they did this and then signed up!

The film has used black & white stills/videos taken at the time, digitally enhanced and converted to colour.

The film shows the terrible conditions that our troops had to suffer, not only at the front line but back in rest areas some miles back from the front line.

The film also shows the appalling conditions these men fought in and the total lack of sanitary equipment we now take for granted, hardly glorifying war, just the opposite.

The worst was to come after the war ended and the ex-servicemen returned home, they had no jobs to come back to and a large number of employers went as far as to say, ex-servicemen need not apply for jobs being advertised.

If the students from Cambridge were to watch this film I am sure they would feel differently about not supporting Remembrance Sunday!!    

I am pleased to hear they announced on the night, plans to screen this film  on BBC TV in November and in schools throughout the country.

If possible I really think as many people as possible should view this film!

Brian Cooke, UKIP Stroud.


Please watch this interview with the film maker Peter Jackson of ‘Lord of the Rings’ fame which gives a taste of what to expect, and of the way the film was made:



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