I have decided to write this paper to help in discussion and debate in regard to informing where no information has been proffered or has been deliberately buried.

In what passes as debate these days, it has become blindingly obvious that many people who voted to stay in the EU have very little knowledge of what it does, where it has been, how it got here, and most importantly, what is the final gameplan.

The European Union exists for one reason only. To see the obliteration of the nation state and total submission of all its members to a totalitarian undemocratic elite based in Brussels.

Most people start from the viewpoint of “How does it affect me? I get an EU grant, or a subsidy. Leaving would curtail my travelling or job prospects. As the 5th largest economy in the world we cannot compete on the world stage”. As the other Mr Blair, George Orwell, stated many years ago, many left thinking people hate their country anyway.

People inclined to leave however knew exactly what they wanted and had the evidence of their own eyes  and daily experience to underpin their inclinations.

Firstly, the single most important factor was the ability to hire and fire our own government by democratic means, through regaining our sovereignty from the European Union, to make our own laws as befits and benefits the British people.

Secondly, to control the out-of-control immigration so that those already here do not feel like strangers and those here do not have their living standards reduced further by the massive influx of foreign labour, putting unacceptable  strains on housing and public services.

Very few people are “anti-migrant”, racist or xenophobic as regaled by most of the media and their masters. The population has grown by nearly 5 million since the millennium, compared with 1 million over the previous 40 years.That is why residents of a small overcrowded island are concerned.

Thirdly, to keep control of our finances and own money and decisions emanating from that.

In short, “to wrest back control from the Hegemony of the European Project”

This tract will concentrate on informing by use of facts, not emotion. There will be no “I think”  …. ”you don’t know what you are talking about …”

The paper will highlight facts that can be checked and verified very quickly from impeccable sources. It will be then up to the reader to make an informed choice rather than swallow selective propaganda put out by politicians, think tanks, their communication directors, and a compliant and often disingenuous media.

Evolution of the Project

The formation of a European Union was the brainchild of a Frenchman, Jean Monnet, later assisted by Robert Schumann, in outlining their dream of a unified Europe, free from the invasive aggression of Germany and of a substance to compete on the world stage in those far off days of protectionism when the concept of globalization and swift transmission had not even been thought of, let alone the vast military might of NATO.

The thinking of Monnet, and since then all the disciples of his vision including most political leaders in Europe, is summed up in his mission statement which few people are aware of. Simplicity in itself and a script adhered to ever since by the arch federalists, Delors, Kohl, Mitterand, Juncker and lately Schulz who set out his vision of a United States of Europe for all to see. Full fiscal, political and monetary union by 2025 or leave the Eurozone is his declared intention.

So – fact one. If the SPD gain a foothold in a coalition with Merkel’s weakened CDU, expect a move to fulfillment, despite the people of northern Europe in particular having no desire for ever closer union. Those in southern Europe are, as was predicted, hung out to dry . Huge debts, unemployment, and little hope.

The Vision  –  Jean Monnet

“European Nations should be guided forward to a superstate without the people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having economic purpose and eventually leading to irreversible federation.”

I would suggest that statement of vision is read twice so there is no misunderstanding of the aims of the European Union!

We come later to the concept of Aquis Communitaire and the means of how that is achieved by legal imposition through impenetrable treaties deliberately designed to obfuscate and confuse as confirmed by the EC President.

In the 1970s, with the United Kingdom in dire straits economically, the idea of joining the European Economic Community had attractions. Although the 1957 Treaty of Rome set out the desire for ever closer union, it was not a concept pushed to the forefront for obvious reasons. Although many, including those on the left such as Tony Benn, were deeply concerned as to the consequences, Edward Heath pushed the necessary legislation through, aided by an enthusiastic media. This may sound familiar.

It was thought at the time that De Gaulle was dragging his feet, not wanting a powerful rival in the club. He was not a stupid man and duped everyone into thinking he was wedded to “non”.

In actual fact he was merely waiting for the Common Agricultural Policy to be adopted which would benefit French farmers above all others. They were overproducing many agricultural products (remember the famous wine lakes?). The CAP meant that the UK would be subsidizing French farmers and then paying higher prices for that output. Not clever.

Heath said that “there would be no loss of sovereignty, merely a pooling of sovereignty.“

Within days he had given over our fishing limits to the EEC, decimating that industry in the UK in the process.The first of many obfuscations and downright lies by politicians ever since in matters EU.

[To be continued in Parts II, III and IV]

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