1. Abolish the Rules Committee & take the function into the NEC.

2. Get yourself appointed as Party Chairman. You can now write rules to serve your ambition.

3. Abolish the judicially independent Disciplinary Committee & take the function into the NEC.

4. As Chairman you can suspend members accused of misconduct, and then influence the appointment of Panel members to try the case, so that you get the result you want.

5. Deny information to the Constituency Associations, so that they cannot form County Branches.  Divide and Rule.

6. In Wales, abolish the democratically elected Wales Committee, which ran successful campaigns with limited resources, and replace it with a Chairman-only system which can achieve nothing.

7. Appoint Controllers to the Regions and sub-regions. In the Nazi lexicon these are Gauleiters.

8. You, as Obergauleiter now control the Regional Gauleiters and sub-regional Untergauleiters.

9. You have the perfect fascist system.


* Overload the Agenda of the NEC, so that they cannot possibly get through all the work. You know that after 6 exhausting hours the good guys will leave for the train home. You can then rely on your supporters to pass the measures you want. Then blame the NEC for having such ridiculously long meetings.

* Make it a disciplinary offence for an NEC member to disclose the business of the NEC. The members who oppose you cannot say why they did so. You have successfully silenced informed opposition. At the next election to the NEC the voters will not know who to vote for or against.

* At the next election for the NEC the candidates will each provide a short address of equal length. So, before the process starts, ensure your pals get advance publicity, and deny it to the others. Then “Name Recognition” will ensure that your cronies get elected. Censor out from each candidates’ address any criticism of you and members of the hierarchy. Secrecy is your friend.

* Having got control of a majority on the NEC you can change the Rules to suit yourself. If you want to destroy the Party’s best asset – the successful Sun/Pound/UKIP Logo – offer the Annual Conference a dummy choice between 2 new logos and deny those attending the choice of retaining the Sun/Pound/UKIP Logo. You must use this procedural trick because you know that, if asked, the members would overwhelmingly choose to retain the Sun/Pound/UKIP Logo.

* Whenever you receive a letter of complaint, or a suggestion which you do not like  –  ignore it. After all, what can the complainant do about it ? In this way you can insulate yourself from grassroots resentment at your high handed conduct.

But now an increasing number of UKIP grassroots members are repelled by this top-down control system which is flatly contradictory to the founding principles of the Party. We are Brits. The Nazi model is anathema.


Firstly by looking back to the founding of the party by our inspirational Leader Dr Alan Sked (now Professor Emeritus). About 15 of us met him at the LSE and we formed the new party (then called the Anti-Federalist League), and we rather grandly called ourselves its National Executive Committee. We were the Governing Body (though there were few adherents) and the Executive, but above all we were also the Grassroots. Now the Grassroots are alienated from the NEC, but this need not be so!

The fault line in the present governance is that we have confused the roles of:

  • Governing Body, which must be re-named, possibly as Trustees (as favoured by Henry Bolton). These constitute our internal Parliament, and their decisions and voting record must be public – so that we know who to vote for next time around, and
  • Executive, made up of staff officials and volunteers, who carry out the policies of the Trustees, and report to them.

By separating the roles of Governing Body and Executive we can restore transparency to the Governing Body. The stranglehold of the Gauleiters will have been broken. Under no circumstances should an unelected paid official chair, and thereby control, the Governing Body.

Secondly by recognising that the Party’s greatest untapped resource is the Grassroots and the infinite variety of the talents, initiatives, experience and energy of our members, who are currently being garrotted by the Gauleiters.

And the way to do this is to promote County Branches, covering several constituencies.

The EU approach was to abolish the English Counties in order to substitute Unitary Authorities within a European Region, and that was partially successful. But, as a Welshman looking from the sidelines, I apprehend that most English people identify with their traditional Counties rather than an EU substitute.

And that takes us back to Alfred, the most wonderful King that any country ever had – because he recognised that the people had rights which were not granted by the king, and which could not be taken away. These fundamentals resurfaced in Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, and the American Constitution.

And that is what we have to re-assert now, in order to save the party from the Gauleiter/Controllers!

The members have a right, as Henry promised at the hustings, to decide the Logo in a fair Referendum [which means that the Gauleiter manipulators must have nothing to do with the procedure].

Until rejected by the members, the Sun/Pound/UKIP Logo must be used to the exclusion of all others.

The Gauleiters will re-assert their assumed right to rule you  –  take no notice.

Defy them, and use the Sun/Pound/UKIP Logo anyway !

The members’ right of free association means that you can form Democratic County Branches now,

* To provide a forum for all UKIP members in the constituencies to meet each other, to hear visiting speakers, to develop camaraderie, to prepare for campaigning and to overcome the enemy which is isolation,

* To ensure that those Constituency Associations which are fully operational should never be interfered with, but that less well developed constituencies are helped in every way.

All UKIP members within the County will be members of the County Branch.

The relationship between the Constituency Associations and the County Branch is not hierarchical, it is one of co-operation and mutual support.

The constitution for a County Branch will be as for a Constituency Branch before 2016 (before the Gauleiter system) until such time as the County decides otherwise.

The Gauleiters will oppose you. They need you to be isolated from each other so that they can divide and rule.

But go ahead and do it anyway !

Constitutional checks and balances require that we restore the professionally independent

  • Rules Committee and
  • Disciplinary Committee.

The lack of public accountability latterly requires that we establish a professionally independent audit committee to audit the Party finances, drawn from our Patrons – UKIP’s fund of financial competence and knowledge – to recommend to the Governing Body the person best equipped to be Party Treasurer.

The rebellion against the Gauleiter/Controllers starts today!

  • Use the Sun/Pound/UKIP logo exclusively
  • Form Democratic County Branches now
  • Exclude the Gauleiter/Controllers from all your meetings




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