From Gareth Bennett AM, Leader of the UKIP Group in the National Assembly for Wales



A bungled Brexit, A First Minister on his way out, and a chaotic Welsh Labour leadership campaign. There’s a lot going on in politics at the moment, so the shenanigans of the Welsh Assembly may seem a distant irrelevance at times.


In the last few weeks, the UKIP Group here has held a debate on animal welfare, and called for a ban on the non-stun laughter of animals. The First Minister called me a racist when I dared to challenge the Welsh Government’s record on health tourism, telling him that we have a National Health Service, not an International Health Service. He fails to see the hypocrisy of his position when he refuses to acknowledge the facts, nor the institutional antisemitism in his own party.


This week, I tasked him with the pandemic of student housing which is affecting cities like Newport, Cardiff and Swansea. Some shady developers are deliberately using loopholes in the planning laws to turn so-called student accommodation into private housing, making a mint in the process.


You can watch my exchanges below, together with Neil Hamilton speaking on the Hendy Wind farm fiasco, where the Welsh Government have controversially overturned the will of the local people and given the go-ahead to an absurd windmill scheme. Neil has now rightly called on local AM and Education Minister Kirsty Williams to resign. The Lib Dem/Labour turncoat voted with the Government to force down an amendment which proposed a U turn.


David Rowlands has called out the Welsh Government on their feeble attempts to increase skills. We have to get rid of the idea that everyone strives to go to university. Half of these ‘universities’ should be converted back into specialist training colleges. We need an emphasis on Vocational Education for many young people, both to suit their own abilities and to fill Britain’s skills gap in crucial areas like housebuilding.


That’s it for this week, but I’ll keep you posted!


All the best, Gareth




Gareth Bennett:



Also watch Neil Hamilton here:

And also watch David Rowlands here:


Finally, for your diaries:

Gerard Batten will be visiting UKIP colleagues in the Forest of Dean on Friday 22nd February. More details of the visit will be available closer to the time, but for now please make a note, as we would like as many people as possible to support our UKIP friends just across the border.


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