At this point it is undecided whether or not 16- and 17-year-olds will get the vote at the coming referendum.  If they do, here are a few things for them to think about:

If you vote to remain in the EU, you will effectively be voting for EU expansion eastwards which will undoubtedly include Turkey, probably by the end of the decade.  This will give something like 75 million Turks the right to come and live and work in Britain.  What will this do to your job and housing prospects?  What will this do to your ability to access medical, educational, and social services when you need them in the future?

The EU Treaties are probably due for review before the end of the decade, and you can bet your life that the next amendment treaty will cede even more powers to the EU one way or another.  The European Commission will become even more powerful and will become what the Politburo was to the old Soviet Union (you are probably too young to remember that).  Remember, if you don’t like this British government you can vote against it, but if you don’t like the European Commission you cannot vote against them because nobody voted for them in the first place.

Jean-Claude Junker (do you know who he is?) has already said he wants to see a European army, to be able to enforce EU policy where required.  Look at what EU meddling has done in Ukraine.  It was painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain that Russia was not going to just stand by and see their southern flank and their Black Sea naval base come under Western influence, but the EU persisted with their meddling and the current bloodshed is the result.  Imagine what would happen if the EU had control of an army.  How would you feel about being conscripted into such a European army and sent to fight the Russians in Ukraine?  Is this how you would want to spend the best years of your life, assuming that you survive?

The EU is gradually becoming the successor to the old Soviet Union.  Power is gradually becoming centralised in institutions that are either undemocratic or barely democratic.  National parliaments are gradually being sidelined into just being rubber-stamp organisations for European laws that are created by the European Commission.  The European Parliament is hailed as the democratic institution of the EU, but closer inspection shows that its members (with some exceptions!) are really just compliant party toadies, selected by national party leaders who tell them how to vote.

However, it is Britain that is once again championing European democracy, by the rise of a new party (UKIP) that has grown up from resistance to the EU juggernaut and is gaining more and more popular support.  Remember when you cast your ballot that a vote to remain in the EU is a vote to submit yourself forever to control by unelected organisations that treat you as a mere population unit in a large empire.  A vote to leave the EU is a vote to regain control of your country and to be able to interact with the whole of the rest of the world whilst secure within borders that are under our own control, and to hold those who govern us to account at the ballot box.   Think very carefully when you vote.

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