[Ed: Stefan Kellmer is a German and lives in Germany. His thoughts on the attack on Syria are therefore of interest. A follow-up article by Stefan will be published early next week.]

They say that democracies do not fight each other. Canada and USA have had a peaceful border for 200 years. By the same logic a democracy does not enter a war with anybody unless  absolutely necessary. This is because the people suffer from wars and they have to pay for it. The US military-industrial complex controlled the US government during the Ukrainian crisis in 2014 and Obama and Clinton were pushing for a NATO war with Russia. I could not sleep in 2014 – I speak Russian, I knew what was going on in the Ukraine. I saw how all German MSM supported this NATO conflict as well as almost all political parties including the Greens.

The following was written just one day before the missile attack and is of descriptive nature only:

Germany’s role in the Syria conflict has many faces. Before digging into it I would like to point out that Germany is still not an independent country. Formally it still is an occupied territory by the Allies especially the USA and the UK. I leave aside details such as the question of US military bases in Germany being based on WWII laws of occupation, or on the NATO treaty, or if Germany got fully independent after  reunification in the year 1990. My opinion on this is not important and not very precise, but with some knowledge about the above mentioned treaties and the laws in Germany I tend to assume that Germany is more or less independent but the US ambassador to Germany and the  US chief military commander in Germany have the final say. For this article it doesn’t matter if a military action is done in the name of NATO, or just occasionally, or if it is done either very secretly or openly.

The point is that if the US military and the US establishment start a war in Syria or in the Ukraine then Germany has no choice but to follow US orders. The side-effects of such a war? It seems to me that Obama and US generals decided that Germany  pays for the war refugees. I am convinced that whoever is in the German government must follow such US orders. Merkel had no choice. At least this was how it all started. The US military-industrial complex makes money with wars and other countries pay for the war refugees and reconstruction and bombed and hurt civilian victims.

The US friendship and the NATO alliance seem to be based on this principle, the stupid Europeans have to swallow it. Germany must accept – by US order –  this type of shared cost burden whilst the formally independent UK, France and Italy and all other EU and NATO countries are invited by the CIA, US media and top PR and law companies to voluntarily open their borders for the US-created refugee problem. I am convinced the CIA bribes MPs in the national European parliaments and that the Greens and the Left take such bribes. That is why I support UKIP – besides other reasons.

The April 2018 Syria incursion wasn’t accepted as easily by the people as the action in the Ukraine. The European political parties were prepared and some MSM as well. Not much has changed in the USA: the President can start a war alone without consultation or even approval by his parliament. May was careful to get her Cabinet’s ‘approval’ – as if that meant parliamentary approval of a war! UKIP was against it, Corbyn’s Labour as well. So May did not dare to do more than to shoot a few missiles outside Russian and Iranian military posts in Syria. It is very disturbing to see the conformist common declaration by all 28 EU countries after the attack to approve this missile attack. The 28 national parliaments had not been asked!

The lesson from this is that political parties must be involved in a decision to go to war, in a parliamentary procedure. It worked much better this time than in 2014 in the Ukraine. The two party political system in the USA is certainly not a democracy and in the case of the Ukraine in 2014 both US political parties, the Republicans and Democrats, wanted war with Russia, letting the Europeans pay for it.

Regarding the vassal role of US-occupied Germany it must be stated that the German media were 100 % obedient in 2014 during the Ukraine crisis to the wishes of the US military-industrial complex.

The conclusion for Britain: The security issues faced by the English, Welsh and Scottish people must be addressed by Britain alone because both the US and its depended colony Germany do not care for wide-ranging risky military adventures that take place in or near Europe. Britain is well advised to have its own policies and to insist that its own Prime Minister and Defense Minister get advance parliamentary approval for any military action. Because she didn’t May ought to resign.

UKIP should push for that as a sign for a real change after Blair.


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