On Wednesday 10 September 2014 the Three Amigos from Westminster were in Scotland simultaneously pleading with the Scots not to break up the family. For the whole of this campaign they have hidden away in the south of England leaving the running to Alistair Darling who single handedly ran up the biggest deficit in government history during the two years he was Chancellor.

It was left to him trying to advise Alex Salmond about how the figures of post independence wouldn’t work out with the promise of increased spending on the Scottish NHS and Schools and benefits and scrapping the so-called bedroom tax. People always love it when they tell you we can spend more on the things important to you, especially when they have somehow discovered a forest of money trees hidden in a glen somewhere.

One of the reasons the Scots want independence is that they are left wing and want a socialist government. It has been said by Alex Salmond and others that in 1974 they wanted a Labour government and got the Tories. By leaving the UK they can have a left wing government and rid themselves of ever being ruled by the Tories again.

I have to say that if they achieve independence and take about 40 Labour MPs with them the converse will be true for the rest of the UK, that we will never have another Labour government here. Roll on the yes vote.

So David Cameron doesn’t want them to leave, even though they are and have been a drain on the economy of the rest of the UK for 300 years. That doesn’t make sense. If they left and took the Labour MPs with them the rest of the UK would become more centre-right politically giving the Tories a better chance of achieving a majority in 2020. If they left, the next election in 2015 or 2016 would be a joke.

He doesn’t want them to leave because they are part of a long lasting partnership or marriage, which they never cease bitching about. To force them to stay in an unhappy marriage or partnership doesn’t make sense, except he won’t be the Prime Minister remembered to have been in power at the break up of the Union.

They want to be part of the EU and so does he, so that does make sense. They have good whisky, easy access to north-sea oil and gas and deep Loch’s into which our nuclear submarines can hide. So there are three good reasons to keep them in the Union.

The trouble is that if the vote is NO but close then the SNP and Alex will be back again soon to do it all again until they get a YES. The thing is that in a democracy, all the people should get a vote not just those who may or may not be unhappy. Maybe the rest of us should have a referendum if the No’s win on whether we should Let Them Stay or Kick Them Out.

If they do choose to go it seems the Three Amigos will be very unhappy. David Cameron will go down in history as the PM that let Scotland leave the union.  That would even be worse than the Blair legacy. Ed Miliband and the Labour party would likely never get elected again in the rest of the UK and the triumphant SNP will likely become the dominant party in Scotland. I don’t know where it leaves the Liberals but likely as here in England they might ask to coalesce with what will become the slightly larger Green Party.

Photo by Kyoshi Masamune

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