The Telegraph 

Reforms have left the Army in chaos

Make elderly pay to help the young, Government report to say

Prisoner votes ruling could lead to new clash between judges and MPs

MPs attack ‘crazy’ decision to award Algerian robber £25,000 damages


The Guardian

Spy agencies face inquiry by parliament

US Senate passes debt ceiling bill

Interest rates ‘may rise next year’


The Independent


Crisis over? Senate passes Bill to avoid US default and reopen government

Top officers ‘had report rewritten’ to clear police at heart of Plebgate row


The Daily Mail

Don’t be nasty to fat people: NICE tells doctors to show respect to obese patients and not to add to the ‘stigma’ of being overweight

Inside the basement where a pensioner and his wife kept deaf and mute girl as a sex slave for NINE YEARS after trafficking her from Pakistan to claim extra benefits

Boy, two, died of meningitis after 999 operator ‘lost’ parent’s desperate call in system leading to delay in sending ambulance


The Express


1,000,000 more jobs since coalition Government took power


Probe into UK spy agencies widened


The BBC Website

‘Plebgate’ draft report later changed

Warning of future UK power shortages

Child abuse trial guidelines issued

Ex-officer investigated over Savile


Sky News Website


‘Plebgate’: Police Changed Report Findings

English Is Second Language In 240 Schools

Royal Mail Staff To Strike In November

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