On the issue of UKIP and the vote on Illegal Ivory trading:

• The vote concerned was not about ivory, but a wide ranging motion calling for the EU to take more powers and spend more money harmonising law across Europe.
• These harmonisation moves frequently threaten to water down existing UK legislation which is already more than fit for purpose, as in this case. They get ‘averaged down’ to a European standard, making our laws less effective.
• The Conservatives, Lib-Dems and Labour habitually vote for harmonisation moves which give more powers to the EU, water down UK law and throw more taxpayers’ money at issues, to make themselves look good. It is UKIP that is taking its responsibilities seriously here, while the others just put their hands up when told to.
• The other parties will continue to pick out inaccurate claims like this to damage UKIP and pretend that they are doing something useful in Brussels.
On the stories in today’s Newspapers regarding Lizzy Vaid, the following statement was issued to the Press this morning:  
Miss Vaid has been the victim of domestic abuse and a continued campaign of psychological and emotional intimidation and harassment from a previous partner of hers. The police have been informed of these events over the course of the past eight years. The photographs described were taken under duress when she was 19 years old and have left Miss Vaid with significant psychological trauma that she has battled hard ever since to overcome. Miss Vaid is understandably extremely distressed that this should now be in the public domain. Both the Devon and Cornwall and Metropolitan Police Forces made contact with The Sun over its proposed publication of this story.

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