Rail fares, 100 year sentences, NHS, energy and immigration are the main themes today

Daily Telegraph

Murderers could get hundreds of years in jail to get round European Court ban

If the judges are prepared to do it.

Japan risks threat to global peace by rekindling militaristic spirit of Second World War, senior Chinese official warns

This one would definitely NOT be our war.

Europe is slowly strangling the life out of national democracy

One week, Peter Oborne sounds like a UKIPper, the next week he sounds like an on-message Cameroon.

Warning over rail ‘profit’ as commuters face fare hike

The Independent

A Greek archipelago for €8.5m, a Maltese passport for €1m and Polish castles going for a song… welcome to the great European fire sale

One Europe for the rich and powerful, another for the plebs. And that’s what Independent readers want?

Exclusive: A giant European network of electricity interconnectors is solution to high energy prices, says climate change minister

It is indeed true that transmission losses account for over a third of the power generated, but Davey wants to go beyond that to lock us even more into Europe

As EU work restrictions are lifted for Romanian and Bulgarian migrants, the influx has begun… of Britons heading for Bucharest

What one expects from The Independent. Having Keith Vaz in the headline picture gives the game away.

Ministers consider prison sentences of hundreds of years to avoid European human rights ban on life tariffs

Basically, slagging off the Telegraph article above.

The Guardian

Liam Fox: ‘Wasteful’ NHS should not have funding ringfenced

The readers’ reaction to this is pretty predictable.

Government set to make profit from rail fares, study shows

China’s first aircraft carrier completes sea trials

Just as they start sabre-rattling against the Japanese, accusing them of being warlike

Energy firms paid £4bn more for power than market rate, claims Labour

Not that Labour have got much to do with high energy prices, have they?

Daily Mail

Muslim students married mentally handicapped women ‘so they could stay in the UK’ – but now one has been deported while another fights for his ‘human right’ to family life with his baby

Why having so many women doctors is hurting the NHS: A provocative but powerful argument from a leading surgeon

Ah, much the same argument that Godfrey Bloom made, but as it is coming from a female doctor, it’s a more palatable truth. And, of course, the NHS won’t turn away a yopung woman the same way a private employer might.

Give the people a say on EU freedom, says Labour MP Keith Vaz… the one-man welcoming committee who took the first Romanian arrivals for coffee at Costa

Ed Miliband’s solution to the cost of living crisis? Cut gym prices: Labour leader branded out of touch over latest crusade

Nice one, Daily Mail!

Daily Express

How ministers will make a profit from soaring train fares

New migrants could hypothetically cost the UK billions

Patrick O’Flynn getting his team on-message!

Energy companies ‘deliberately inflated prices’

Anger at secret £2.1million payout for Lotto chief Dianne Thompson

Nice work if you can get it

Daily Mirror

Sure Start closure figures DELETED from Government website as part of ”data cleansing” exercise

Labour MP Paul Goggins seriously ill in hospital after collapsing while out running

Jogging at 60?

The feared great invasion that has not materialised

Author – Keith Vaz. Did he check out the Dover ports and Victoria Coach station too?

Murderers ‘could be given jail terms lasting hundreds of years’ to side-step EU human rights rules

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