UKIP Website

– UKIP responds to Nick Clegg’s invitation to a televised debate

Sky News

– Police Firing Live Rounds At Kiev Protesters

– Wales ‘Left Out’ Of Govt Floods Clean-Up Cash. Money and tax relief designed to help flood-hit communities and businesses is only for England

Daily Telegraph

– Osborne: Recovery is not yet secure (also in Daily Mail)

NHS accused of covering up high death rates at string of hospitals (also in Daily Mail)

House of Commons is like a family business. One MP in 11 is related to another or has ancestors who sat in the House

– EU foreign ministers seek to avert civil war in Ukraine

Record numbers from Bulgaria and Romania arrive for British jobs

– Brussels says migrant benefit curbs break law (also in Daily Mail)

NHS database is fundamental part of the fight against cancer, says NHS chief  

– IDS hails housing benefit reform as more seek work

– Fears for seabirds halts expansion of Thames Estuary wind farm

– Peter Oborne: The US has bullied our banks into handing over a billion dollars

Daily Express

– Romanians were pouring here even before ban ended

Daily Mail

We’ll pay council tax for homeless flood victims, pledges PM: Treasury puts £4m aside to pay rebate while repair work is carried out

– Ex-Yard chief calls on Labour trio to admit backing paedophilia was a ‘huge mistake

Holding Guardian man (David Miranda) at airport was lawful, judges rule

Fury over latest Spain Gibraltar threat (also in The Independent)

Young Britons beaten to jobs by ‘new servant class’ of immigrants

– Daily Mail Comment: Cut migration to give our young people a chance

Clegg threat to veto PM’s choice for Brussels job

Factories switch off power to beat bills

The Times

Rail union agree to fund Crow’s bid for a seat in Europe (includes a mention for UKIP) 

– We could be wiped out in European elections, Lib Dem President Tim Farron warns

– Tim Montgomerie: Labour is impatient for an NHS disaster  

– Times cartoon: Cleggo. Comes in different colours. Adopts any position

The Guardian

– Revealed Tony Blair’s advice to Rebekah Brooks on the phone hacking scandal

– Bishops blame food bank crisis on Cameron

UK launches £2m project in Greece to send back migrants

– IMF calls for interest rates to be cut below zero in eurozone 

The Independent

Hundreds apply for the £1m Maltese passports that open door to Britain

– Welfare reform ‘may be scrapped after election

Rail-line repairs delayed, as business leaders fear for South-west’s economy

Financial Times

EU leaders begin push for sanctions against ‘authors of violence‘ in Kiev

BAE strikes Eurofighter jet deal with Saudi Arabia

Daily Events

House of Commons/House of Lords

– In Recess


– SAUDI ARABIA AND QATAR: The Prince of Wales to visit Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

– Business Secretary Vince Cable to announce a new Business Bank investment.

– 0900 LONDON: Call Clegg on LBC 97.3 radio.

– Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) releases its gross mortgage lending figures for January.

– 1030 LONDON: Environment Agency. Protest outside meeting between unions and the Environment Agency, expected to discuss possible redundancies.


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