How we can’t trust the crime figures: After Plebgate, now watchdog says police statistics are unreliable

  • UK Statistics Authority withdrew approval on UK crime figures
  • Watchdog chair pointed to ONS warning that figures ‘overstate the truth’
  • Forces accused of downgrading crimes or erasing them altogether
  • ‘Rapes and child abuse disappearing in a puff of smoke,’ a senior officer said 
  • Comes as a blow to Coalition who trumpeted 10 per cent fall in crime levels
  • MPs said decision may dent trust in police following ‘plebgate’ scandal

No 10 delays key report on immigration until after European election: Insiders say it does not support Tory plans for tighter controls

  • ‘Factual, evidence-based’ report is said to support migration to Britain
  • Lib Dems accuse Home Secretary of trying to form ‘political document’
  • Review was due to be published soon but Number 10 says it is not finished

British exit would be a disaster for EU, warns Osborne: Brussels would pay a heavy price, he tells MPs

  • Chancellor claimed European Union relies heavy on the strength of the UK
  • He is demanding EU reforms if Britain is to remain in the group of nations
  • Stark speech was given at a key conference on EU reform in London

Asylum backlog soars by 23% in a year: Theresa May urged to ‘get a grip’ on delays since axing UK Border Agency

  • Surge in the number of cases which have not even been considered
  • Sharpest rise in the backlog since Theresa May shut the UK Border Agency
  • Home Office blames a 14% increase in asylum applications in a year
  • But lawyers claim cases are being shelved if the Home Office fears losing

Crude cap on bonuses won’t work says Bank chief: Carney blasts EU plan as furore over RBS handouts grows

  • Mr Carney said a cap would simply prompt lenders to push up basic pay 
  • Speculation RBS wants to give staff bonuses worth twice their salaries
  • Labour calls for the State to block RBS from paying staff such huge sums

Arthur Scargill branded a ‘hypocrite’ after trying to get £1.5m London flat through Right to Buy laws of bitter foe Margaret Thatcher

  • Ex-National Union of Miners leader tried to buy Barbican flat in 1993
  • Right to Buy was introduced by Thatcher government in 1980
  • Scargill’s bid was rejected and last year he lost right to stay in flat rent-free


UK not ‘full partner’ with US, says former defence chief

Robert Gates, who served under Bush and Obama, says the “fairly substantial reductions” in spending mean Britain can no longer be a leading military player


The EU debate calls for calmness and honesty

All sides should admit what their priorities truly are, and lay out what they actually want from the EU


Lord Rennard will not apologise to female Lib Dems, adviser says

Lord Rennard, who has been cleared of sexually harassing female activists, has “no reason” to say sorry, his adviser says, despite Nick Clegg calling for the peer to apologise.


Why is Owen Jones courting Ukip supporters? Lefties must be worried about Northern seats


Tories to come third in Euro elections behind Labour and Ukip, poll warns

A poll finds that the Conservatives will come third in May’s European Parliament elections, behind Labour and the UK Independence Party


Ukip can huff and puff, but Cameron’s referendum pledge will win the Eurosceptic vote


The business debate on the EU has flipped around: most firms now want to be freed from Brussels regulation


Don’t hit hacks; don’t go to Scotland: tips for Ukip and Nigel Farage

Conservative Home

Andrew Lilico: Osborne shows he gets it on the EU, but can he deliver it?

Guido Fawkes

5 Top Tips for UKIP

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EU rules make it harder for firms to cut risk exposure

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