Daily Telegraph

Troops sent into flood-hit areas (also in Daily Express) 

Cameron faces Tory revolt over human right lawsAlmost 100 Conservative MPs demand foreign criminals be banned from using European human rights laws to avoid deportation

Carney tells Scots: Choose independence or the pound (also in Daily Express and Daily Mail) 

French dismiss Cameron’s hopes of EU treaty change (also in The Times) David Cameron will have to wait years to re-write the terms of Britain’s membership of the European Union, says Francois Hollande

800,000 migrants who can’t speak English

EU’s secret plan to fit ‘remote stopping’ devices to all cars . The EU is developing a secret plan to give the police the power to control cars by switching the engine off remotely. 

– Peter Oborne: Here are three living examples of Parliament’s low standards

– How many Ukippers will be dead when the referendum happens? Sorry, but it matters

– Nigel Mills MP: If we don’t restrict EU immigration now, when will we?  MPs will be failing their constituents tomorrow if they don’t support my proposal to curb immigration from Romania and Bulgaria, says Nigel Mills.

Huffington Post

Charge migrants £2,000 ‘advance’ on entry to UK says think tank

Conservative Home

– Matthew Elliott: Historians won’t let the EU elites rewrite European history

City AM

– Brussels tries to ban prop trading in UK and Europe

– Carney blow to Scot split plan

Daily Express

Lords back a ban on smoking in cars carrying children (also in Daily Mail, The Times) Smoking in cars when children are present moved a step nearer to becoming a criminal offence after the Government was defeated in the House of Lords, yesterday.

– I have always known the EU Referendum Bill would fail. Contrary to what some might think we cynics are not happy and smug when we are proved right.

Daily Mail

Double your dole Eurocrats [the Council of Europe] tell UK. £67 jobless handouts ‘must be raised to £138’ (also in The Times, The Guardian) 

The NHS chiefs given £300k payouts… and rehired within weeks 

– Scandal of 4,000 foreign criminals who have been let back on streets: Leaked report says attempts to deport them are often futile

  • Their offences include murder, manslaughter, rape of a minor and kidnap
  • Rebel Tory MPs threaten motion making it easier to deport criminals
  • Home Office’s handling of issue has been labeled ‘a complete farce’

– Cameron sends in the Army: PM takes control of floods crisis and orders dredgers to save sodden Somerset

  • Red Cross volunteers bring fuel, food and heavy supplies to Muchelney, which has been cut off since Christmas
  • David Cameron vows that dredging of rivers Tone and Parrett will begin as soon as possible to alleviate flooding
  • Prime Minister says that Government will do would do everything in its power to relieve the crisis
  • Experts say Environment Agency’s decision to stop dredging rivers had created 25-square-mile ‘disaster area’
  • Two key Somerset rivers are so silted up their capacity is down 40 per cent, meaning water is unable to run to sea

The Times

– Labour’s spending spree to cost £25bn

Britain may seize Syrian assets to pay for relief aid 

Schools get cash to meet lunch pledge regardless of need

The Guardian

– Passports for profit. Private company could make £50m from selling EU citizenship to ‘ultra-high net worth individuals’ 

Britain to set up drone partnership with France 

PM’s efforts to control EU migrants sets up Lib Dem rebellion 

Ofgem told to control the ‘big six’ energy giants or face being cut off 

Climate change hope is ‘stupid’, says EU energy chief 

The Sun

Shock plans for Britain’s schools. Detention for all. 9-hr days, 7 weeks holiday a year

Today’s Events

In the House of Commons

– Legislation. Immigration Bill – Report stage

– Legislation. Immigration Bill – Third reading

– European Committee B. Subject: European Union Documents No. 12989/13, the 2012 Annual Report from the Commission on relations between the European Commission and national parliaments, and No. 13002/13, the Commission Annual Report on subsidiarity and proportionality

– Party leaders from the Welsh Assembly will appear before the Commons Welsh Affairs committee. Welsh Conservative Group leader Andrew RT Davies, Welsh Liberal Democrats leader Kirsty Williams and Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood will give evidence on pre-legislative scrutiny of the draft Wales Bill

In the House of Lords

– Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy. Subject: Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy. Witness(es): (at 3.00pm) evidence will be heard from the Prime Minister, Rt Hon David Cameron MP

– Debate. The implications for the UK of the forthcoming Scottish independence referendum

– Short Debate. Improve access to finance to small and medium-sized businesses


– Bank of England releases its Money and Credit report for December.

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