High Streets, sugar, Profumo and different takes on EU & immigration issues

Daily Telegraph

Fears for recovery as Britain’s biggest retailers suffer ‘disastrous’ Christmas

Profumo, the showgirl and David Cameron’s father in-law The Telegraph’s front-page blonde, but it just shows how the political elite keep going from generation to generation.

At last, the BBC talks about immigration A good article, but many of the comments bear reading too

Why is outsourcing shrouded in secrecy? A very good question.

The Guardian

Dire day for UK high street as retailers reveal poor Christmas trading On the same song sheet as the Telegraph for a change!

Obesity experts campaign to cut sugar in food by up to 30% Is this nanny state, or should people “eat less and move more”?

Mass surveillance by security services should be reviewed, say Lib Dems

Greece begins EU presidency by saying austerity policies are intolerable Should provoke an interesting debate or two in EuroParl.

The Independent

Tesco, Morrisons and M&S hit by Christmas slowdown. Seems like a full house across the papers on this issue.

The bedroom tax on bereavement: Grieving families to face spare-room benefit cut within three months

People living in fracking areas set to get more compensation

David Cameron vows to curb ‘problem’ of betting shops on high streets

Daily Mail

Sugar is ‘the new tobacco’: Health chiefs tell food giants to slash levels by a third to halt wave of disease

Now overseas aid is spent on asylum seekers – in Britain: £10m being used to fund housing and benefits

It’s Christmas glee for Waitrose – but Sainsbury’s suffers: Shoppers flood to upmarket chain to buy Heston-endorsed products Trying to put a different (positive) spin on the change in spending patterns.

Rural planning reforms designed to cut red tape are causing ‘physical harm’ to the countryside, warns senior Tory

Why I now admire Mandy Rice-Davies, by Viscount Astor: Cameron’s father-in-law tells of reconciliation with showgirl involved in Profumo scandal

Daily Express

Newspaper round-up: China offers to help build HS2, sugar overload and Siberian snow  We should have started here, they’ve done our job for us

David Cameron in bid to heal rift with Poland over migrants’ benefits

Political belly-flop as ‘sexy’ Tory MP Penny Mordaunt to star in Tom Daley’s show Splash! This is what happens when Westminster has little of substance to do (all done by EU instead). The Cameron Cutie Show.

Mark Duggan was not holding gun but was ‘lawfully’ killed by police marksman Despite the trial, there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

Daily Mirror

You can rely on the Mirror for a different take on the day’s News, in more ways than one.

BBC pays Gary Glitter royalties – after banning fellow pop paedophile Ian Watkins

Elderly care home resident injured after being attacked by giant flood rat

Boy of 12 hauled out of class by police over David Cameron Facebook protest

Politicians and their animated lookalikes: Comparing the House of Fun to the Houses of Parliament

Danny Alexander Muppet’s Beaker
Tony Blair Shrek’s Donkey
Boris Johnson Barney Rubble
Vince Cable Simpson’s Mr Burns
David Cameron Officer Dibble
Theresa May Cruella De Vil
William Hague Mr Magoo
Ed Milliband Wallace
George Osborne Beavis (and Butt-Head)
Peter Mandelson Dick Dastardly
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