Foreign prisoner total still at 11,000: Jails fill with defendants as quickly as they can be sent back home at annual cost of £308m

  • The number of overseas offenders in the UK’s prison system at 11,000
  • Keeping the prisoners locked up in Britain costs £308million every year
  • Watchdog found instances where the Home Office wasted time and money


Abandon the euro, says Nobel winner: Economist warns of ‘lost generation’ on dole

  • Sir Christopher Pissarides once passionately believed in single currency
  • But he’s had a change of heart and is now warning it’s ‘dividing Europe’
  • Cypriot-British economist calls for action to ‘restore euro’s credibility’


Expenses watchdog must think again on 11% MPs’ pay rise or I rule nothing out, Cameron warns

  • IPSA suggests increasing salary to £74,000, almost triple the average wage
  • Labour leader Ed Miliband calls for cross-party talks to block the increase
  • Prime Minister says his ‘door is always open’ to his opponent


Tories must find a way to increase living standards

LIVING standards are still falling for most families and there is no point Government ministers seeking to pretend that it isn’t happening.



Increase MPs’ pay or risk another expenses scandal, Ipsa chairman says

Parliament’s spending watchdog defiant over MPs’ pay rise despite warnings from David Cameron that he could be prepared to scrap the body


Public is ‘losing faith’ in benefits system, think tank warns

IPPR says that people who work hard and spend years paying their taxes should get higher levels of benefits if they lose their jobs

Conservative Home

Interview by Andrew Gimson: David Jones explains why there is a Tory revival in Wales


War on women: Maternity pay could be slashed under Coalition cuts, David Cameron admits

David Cameron was forced to admit that maternity and paternity would be included in the new cap on overall welfare spending

City AM

Britain starts spending again

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