Theresa May has to go! Her pathetic attempt to cling to office shames both herself and the Tory Party. It is now clear that she was intending to betray Brexit by sacking David Davis and replacing him with Ben Gummer, mouthpiece in the old government for the hated pro-EU Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy ‘von’ Heywood.

Gummer, ironically, wrote the silly Tory manifesto, with its cruel dementia tax. Although there have been attempts to blame sacked chief of staff Nick Timothy, Gummer, in a different life, was responsible for social care policy. The proposal seems to have come out of the Treasury and was backed by Philip Hammond and the Cabinet Office. Gummer’s defeat was richly deserved!

It is now clear that both the Treasury and the Cabinet Office wanted to throw out the Tories in favour of a Lab/SNP/Lib Dem coalition, which would not have been bound by the parties’ manifesto promises and would have withdrawn the Article 50 notice. It is also clear that the European Commission were in on this political conspiracy.

The notorious Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the Commission (or, if you prefer, Euro-Führer), is known to have pushed Mrs May into the disastrous decision to call an early election, which cost the Tories their majority and effectively ended May’s brief and undistinguished premiership. Her only achievement was to serve the Brexit notice, something which was forced on her by the referendum.

Even that simple decision was badly bungled. Accepting disastrous and hopelessly wrong legal advice, the government fell into the obvious trap of using Article 50. They could have opted for a clean break under the Vienna Convention. That decision cost the country at least £400 billion (EU membership costs UK plc an eye-watering £4-5 billion a week).

It looks like May was planning to cave in to the EU’s outrageous demands on an exit fee, for which no provision is made in Article 50,ongoing application of EU regulations (not one of which has been revoked), unskilled and semi-skilled EU workers in the UK, ECJ jurisdiction over those workers and fishing rights. It seems like this was May’s plan all along. A calculating machine politician, no offence intended, she strung the Tory Right along.

The Commission and the German Deutscher Verteidigungs Dienst, which controls the major narcotics cartels in the EU, including the two distribution cartels in the UK, are desperate to keep the flow of cocaine, heroin, guns and illegal immigrants flowing into the UK in the 7,000 or so trucks which arrive each day from the EU. Barely one truck in ten is checked. Trucks with large quantities of narcotics on board are probably untouchable, given Cabinet Office control of the farcically named Border Force. The hundreds of tons of hard drugs which reach our shores each year don’t come in by boat or plane.

No preparations have been made in our ports to start checking each incoming truck from March 2019. We need new facilities, extra manpower and holding areas. Although the overall number of trucks will go down as EU imports fall, the number of trucks actually being checked will rise. So far as I know we haven’t even trained a single extra sniffer dog.

Nothing is being done to abolish VAT, nor have any trade negotiations been started. Very obviously, May and Hammond have been secretly and insolently planning for EU-lite after 2019, no doubt hoping to crushus under as much of the burden of EU membership as possible. If there is any concern in government circles or Whitehall for the young people whose lives are being wrecked by the massive quantities of cocaine and heroin flooding in from the EUit is not apparent.

As the scale of Theresa May’s planned betrayal of Brexit becomes clear the revolt on the Right is likely to grow. It was always a nonsense having a Remainer as leader after last year’s glorious referendum result. Aside from any other consideration Remainers are usually not that bright, most of them being unable to grasp that it is not our interests to have tariff-free trade arrangements with industrial competitors with whom we have a structural deficit. Theresa May and Philip Hammond were easily fooled by their officials over the dementia tax.

Thankfully, the European enemy and the Cabinet Office have shot themselves in the foot. They have forced the Tory Party into an alliance with those nice people the DUP, who are real conservatives with sensible views on climate change and hanging, not CINOs (Conservatives In Name Only) like Theresa May, and shattered May’s hopes of remaining in office. The DUP are also sounder on Europe and pragmatic enough to understand that a soft land border with the Republic of Ireland requires Irish withdrawal from the EU.

May’s obvious successor is Boris Johnson, indeed it’s not easy to see who else there might be. Owen Paterson apparently doesn’t want to throw his hat in the ring, the ambitious left-wing loony (no offence intended) Amber Rudd had her majority slashed almost to nothing and David Davis has all but ruled himself out by backing the Juncker/May snap election plan.

A lot of nonsense is being talked BTW about the DUP, who have apparently asked for that nice man Nigel Farage to be given a role in the increasingly pointless Brexit negotiations. UKIP has been like a rudderless ship since Nigel resigned the leadership, and whilst it’s entirely a matter for him and UKIP, he is an obvious successor to Paul Nuttall, who has resigned to concentrate on his football career.

The obvious way for Nigel to be involved would be as Foreign Secretary. There could well be a by-election in Thanet South, where the Tory candidate might just have over-egged the pudding on his expenses. Nigel would be the perfect choice for UKIP candidate. Alternatively he could be made a peer, although with respect if he’s to become a lord he’ll need to up his booze intake somewhat.



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