There seems to be general agreement that UKIP needs to kick-start itself into the post-Brexit era with a new rationale and a political agenda that will resonate with a substantial cross section of voters. What there seems no general agreement about is what should be the political agenda or philosophy to follow. It is this that will drive the direction and policies that will differentiate UKIP from the mainstream parties. This is a critical need if we are to succeed as a serious party in the newly- independent nation that UKIP rightly must take the credit for having created.

I have argued previously that we must not take on the mantle of either a left- or right-wing party but rather one that produces policies of common sense that connect with the electorate and their aspirations.

We have been dogged by politics born of the liberal left. Badged as progressive, it has in fact been destructive of the fabric of our nation.  The same disease has taken hold of the entire Western world with the same consequences. Governments have spent far too much of our money and when that is not enough they have borrowed and borrowed until debt levels are truly frightening. The result is that they have mortgaged and remortgaged the economic future of our country and placed a very heavy yoke on us and future generations. They have run out of sensible things to tax and so tax policy gets more and more extreme and what politicians love to call fairer taxation is in fact an excessive and most unfair extraction of our money.

We are taxed at eye watering levels. You don’t have to be wealthy to pay 40% income tax. Earnings of just under £32,000 get you there and after £150,000 it is 45%. Add to this that on most of what you spend you pay 20% VAT. Then there is fuel duty, taxes hidden in our energy bills, car tax, council tax, insurance premium tax, national insurance tax, travel taxes, stamp duty on property purchases, a new tax on probate applications and if you leave more than £500,000 or £1,000,00 as a couple, when you finally pop your clogs a swingeing 40% is the tax rate.

So what is to be done? We simply have to find a way of substantially reducing the insatiable appetite of the government to spend our money. Every pound taken away from the population leaves a pound less of potential wealth creating capital. No country ever got rich by taxing its citizens. The only way of achieving this is to reverse the current wisdom that the government is responsible for every aspect of our society and must therefore tax us all to finance this social engineering appetite. The consequence of this is that all the mainstream parties have moved to the left as they successively outbid each other to deliver promises of freebies to the nation if the nation will only vote for them. Electoral bribery would be an accurate term, but it is bribery with our own money. As governments move across the scale of increased expenditure it approaches the point where the state eventually controls everything. We know that fails so we must stop this continual drift towards a failed system.

The proposition is that the nation would welcome a party genuinely committed to achieving the lowest level of taxes commensurate with a society that looks after the genuinely needy and infirm who have no means of support and no family to fall back on. That is a caring society but not a feather-bedding society. We must find a new definition for what the citizen is responsible for and what it is reasonable for the government to take responsibility for. We must focus on the individual having the primary responsibility to care for themselves and their families and the government to be the setter of the architecture in which the individual can succeed and within which the safety of the country is guaranteed.

An example. Take education. We spend massive sums on education and yet we are told the system is failing poor white pupils and especially boys. What is strange though, is that immigrants going through the same system come out achieving good results. We are told the government, in fact this means all of us who pay taxes, must spend more money to correct this and there must be lower standards set to enter university to ‘give them a better chance’ but that then denies an equal number of high achieving pupils their just rewards for hard work. Perhaps the right response is for the government to underline clearly to all our parents and pupils that it is their responsibility to take advantage of the education provided and if they don’t then the consequences are ones they must live with and not foist onto the rest of us. By all means let us care for the genuinely mentally disabled but not the lazy. It seems common sense. It would draw a clearer line and frame a maximum for the cost of education.

To be continued…

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