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In the last part (indeed, in the first part) I promised in radical 20-point populist manifesto. Here it is.

(1) Brexit must mean clean Brexit and we should repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 right away. We will stand for no sell-outs on our fisheries, staying in the ECJ or ECHR or making further payments. Brexit is not an end in itself though. It’s just the prerequisite which enables to restore and change Britain for the better.

Dare I say it though, the general public may have started to get a bit bored of hearing about Brexit. Yes – we must hold the Tories feet to the fire. It’s time however for us to move on to the next battles and put other policies centre-stage.

(2) A near-moratorium on immigration. For many the June 2016 vote for Brexit was a proxy referendum on immigration. Now the Tory establishment is saying it will take years to achieve any significant reduction in immigration and it may not be possible at all. Even UKIP’s own leadership proposes an inappropriate points system as used by Australia – a vast nation of mostly immigrants. Britain is already full. We’re a small heavily populated island with infrastructure, housing and services already under immense strain caused by a net influx of a city the size of Cardiff every year – and that’s just the official figures. Once we have the situation under control, we may accept limited and managed immigration of highly skilled law-abiding individuals from countries similar in culture & income level to the UK.

(3) Protect our borders and stand firm on illegal immigration. Europe is in the grip of a crisis of illegal immigration, from the million or so allowed/invited to pour in through the Balkans in 2015, to the thousands the EU and NGOs assist criminal traffickers to ferry across the treacherous Mediterranean into Italy, to those who still terrorise truckers in an attempt to smuggle themselves via Calais. Reports are there are millions more likely to attempt to come to Europe in the next few years. We do not accept any legal or moral obligation to absorb these people.

We should track, identify and swiftly remove illegal immigrants, visa overstayers and migrant law-breakers. We must streamline the process and remove legal impediments to us being able to do this.

We need to take radical action to police our borders and address the migrant influx at source. This is one area where we can and should emulate the Australians. We must fully resource and empower our border force, coastguard and navy to turn away illegal migrants. We need to tackle both the criminal gangs and the NGOs who assist and promote illegal migration. Where appropriate we should leverage foreign policy, diplomacy and aid money to staunch the flow.

(4) A pragmatic economic policy based on global trade, encouragement and reward of enterprise and hard work, regulation only to the extent strictly appropriate and the  restoration and defence of British jobs. What won the US presidential election for Trump was the promise to restore jobs lost to offshoring. A similar process has been going on with British jobs.

Many Brexiteers in the Tory Party (and UKIP too) seem to want to pursue a more extreme version of Margaret Thatcher’s free market doctrine, which was both brutal and naïve. We saw the closure of whole industries and the buying-up of others by foreign interests, while other European governments supported their key industries. This primarily benefited the wealthy and we have seen a growing pay gap ever since. Swathes of the country have never recovered. Many of those jobs which have been created are low-paid and insecure.

Well-paid jobs are concentrated in London and the South-East of England, causing problems of congestion, overcrowding and unaffordable housing. Our economy needs to be more regionally balanced.

We shouldn’t be looking to immigrants to meet any skills shortage. We should put in place a large-scale training programme to skip-up British people to fill these jobs.

(5) There must be equality before the law and not selective enforcement. Seeing others treated differently creates resentment and division. The must be no softly-softly approach to ethnic minority crime and unrest, while meting out the full force of the law to indigenous transgressors. No allowing leftists to demonstrate and riot as they please while clamping down on the far right! No turning a blind eye to mosques established without planning permission and resulting parking chaos! Especially no sharia law – not only is much of it repressive and at odds with modern Western values, allowing it does an injustice to Muslim women all those from a Muslim background who want to enjoy the same freedoms as everyone else in modern British society.

(6) There are special problems with imported Muslim culture which we need to address. While most ethnic minorities who have settled in the UK in recent decades largely live peacefully and within the law, do not impose their culture on others and have started to integrate into British society, Muslims are notably different. While we shouldn’t tar all Muslims with the same brush, Islam is characterised by a rigid adherence to an intolerant and aggressively superior religious dogma, along with cultural attitudes and practices which are repressive and in some cases abhorrent to modern Western values. Far from assimilating over time, Muslims in the West are becoming more radicalised and uncompromising. The appalling attack in Westminster last week is still fresh in our mind.

Most political and police leaders across the Western world determinedly refuse to admit that large-scale importation of Muslim peoples and their resistance to adopting Western values is a problem. Instead they appease it, thereby emboldening it.

We need to renounce multiculturalism and instead promote cultural assimilation. We need to halt further Muslim immigration. We need to outlaw foreign funding of mosques and root out Salafism. We must not recognise sharia law and instead uphold British law. We must not be intimidated by the threat of a violent reaction. There is no place in the UK for those who cannot live by our laws and values. We also need to stop bombing Muslim countries.

(7) Restore and safeguard freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a fundamental characteristic of a democratic society, as are freedoms from routine surveillance, political intimidation and victimisation. These rights have been eroded in recent years by “equalities” legislation, “hate speech” laws and a politically correct culture of censorship, no platforming, safe spaces and offended leftists. We are starting to see increasing online censorship of opinions which dissent from or challenge the dominant leftist narrative, ironically described as “liberal” or “progressive”.

This has had a chilling effect on society, with disturbing parallels to other socialist regimes over the last century. Our entertainment culture is bland. People are careful what they say in the workplace for fear of losing their job over making a joke, flirting or not using politically correct language. Respected academics are hounded out of their positions for a slip of the tongue. Universities are places of indoctrination rather than challenging ideas. God help you if you express the work opinion.

Freedom of speech in the UK must be constitutionally protected as it is in the US. Institutions, laws and codes of conduct which inhibit this must be reformed. Those who censor and bully must be brought to book. No one has the right not to be offended. We must all be free to point out that the Emperor really has no clothes.

(8) Military action only be taken to defend our homeland and protect us from tyranny. To that end our military should be appropriately resourced and our service-people supported. Foreign policy not be driven by self-aggrandising politicians or the vested interests behind a shadowy military-industrial complex. The military interventions we have involved ourselves in over the last 15 years have been immoral, exorbitantly expensive, caused widespread death and suffering, left those countries in a worse state than we found them in and been counter-productive for our security. We should not be talking-up a revived Cold War with Russia. We should abandon outdated grandiose notions of being a world power, which necessitate us being allied with unsavoury regimes like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel. Let’s not spend untold billions bombing third world countries and renewing Trident, while we are deeply in debt and the NHS is underfunded. Our sole priority should be to look after ourselves and our own prosperity.

(9) No more public bailouts for the banks. The disproportionate and self-enriching influence of the financial services industry in the corridors of power also needs to come to an end. Lessons haven’t been learnt from the 2008 crash. Global debt and derivatives are now even more dangerously overinflated. Measures need to be enacted to protect savers and minimise impact on the person in the street so financial institutions can be governed by market forces and be allowed to go bankrupt when insolvent. Alternatives to the current system of creating money as debt, such as positive money, should be considered.

(10) Properly-funded NHS and National Insurance for those who have contributed. Ordinary working people are willing to contribute to a safety net, an NHS and a truly invested National Insurance scheme for hardworking people like them. They are less willing to see their money go to those who play the system, those who don’t pull their weight and all-comers who have never contributed. We should be willing to learn from other countries (definitely not the US) to improve the service, efficiency and funding of the NHS.


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