Today, we’d like to announce to  our readers and contributors, who have followed us faithfully over the years at UKIP Daily, that changes are afoot.

Tomorrow, we are going to start moving the site from one server provider and owner to another. This may involve some disruption and loss of service, involving a few hours at best or possibly a few days at worst, and ask our readers to bear with us.

We would like to thank our existing server provider for the sterling work he has done for us over the previous two years, understanding thoroughly why he can no longer do so.

We hope that the new server provider, a known, trusted and recommended commercial operation that has supported community and UKIP branch websites, will be able to equal that service.

Rest assured that UKIP Daily will continue to be there, with the same flavour as it always has been. However, we are always open to suggestions as to how the site can improve or change, whether from within the editorial team or without.

Let us look forward to a Bright and Brexit future together, sharing our free speech through the pages of UKIP Daily, and to go on working together to get our country back, now that we’ve taken the first, important step by winning the Referendum on Independence Day!


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