Dear readers – you are owed an explanation for the unavailability of UKIP Daily at the beginning of this week when the UKIP Daily site was down, once on Monday and once on Tuesday.

The Monday event did not last long, and many of you won’t even have noticed. It was caused by some malfunction in the server on which UKIP Daily is run. It was not a hack, our IT man informed us, and he got UKIP Daily back online as fast as possible.

The event on Tuesday took the site down from early afternoon onwards into the evening. Many of you did indeed notice that, and many of you emailed me to ask what was happening: were we ‘dead’, had we been hacked, had we been attacked by outside forces …

It was none of that, you’ll be pleased to hear.

Our IT man went to work on it as soon as he had my email informing him of the notice appearing on our screens, that the site and the server were unavailable. He informed me immediately of why he was unable to resolve this. He further informed me that it was nothing at all to do with the UKIP Daily site. The techies he then contacted told him that his and other servers had gone down, as well as many other sites, some of them commercial ones.

According to the techies who went to work on this overarching malfunction, it was due to some problem with ‘communication’ (don’t ask – I’m no techie, and I haven’t a clue what that means either …).

They managed to get every server and every site back online by evening.

To reiterate: it was a technical malfunction. UKIP Daily has not been hacked, and was not the target of malicious attacks.

I do thank all readers who sent me emails and asked what had happened, expressing their concern.

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On a different issue, may I again ask all readers who post comments to please remember that comment posts should be short, their length not to exceed 500 words, if that!

In the past few weeks, the lengths of comment posts have been creeping up and up. Editors will in future be quite ruthless and bin the excessively long comments, informing the culprits why that happened.

If you want to write at length on an issue, you can send your longer posts in, to be published as ‘letters to the editor’ – or you can take the plunge and submit your thoughts as article to be published. After all, if you are able to write long comments, you surely are able to try your hand at writing an article!

The duty editors are extremely good at polishing your submissions – so do have a go and take the plunge.

UKIP Daily, as it says on the tin, is not only for you but also by you!
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