Stokes Croft in Bristol is notorious for many reasons. Several years ago I was living in a flat, which estate agents described as being in Cotham, but was far too close to comfort to this seedy street.

One evening I popped into a corner shop there. A man was relating to the Asian shopkeeper how, because he had returned to UK having lived for a number of years in the Far East, he was no longer treated as UK-resident by the authorities, commenting “I feel like a stranger in my own country”. A couple of young men, also in the shop and presumably associated with the nearby anarchist squat, caught this remark and challenged him, “Are you BNP?” before exiting the shop, promising to beat him up.

This diminutive, peaceable and educated man was in no way BNP. He explained how he had been married to a Japanese woman. I kept chatting with him at the shop him for about quarter of an hour to allow time for the thugs to have moved on. They were still waiting though. They ran up behind us and head-butted the man, bloodying his nose. They wanted to go further, but lost their nerve rather than take on the both of us. As I walked with the shaken man, he expressed his sadness at how Britain had changed.

Such anarchists, like those who show up at G8 summits and Black Lives Matter demonstrations to cause aggro and take part in the likes of Antifa and Hate Not Hope, are the boot boys of left. They dress like blackshirts. They act like blackshirts. They must be fascists. For them to call themselves ‘anti-fascist’ is Orwellian doublespeak which too many people are fooled by.

Now it’s true that there are many leftists who believe in purely peaceful protest. It annoys them when their demonstrations are hijacked by these people, creating bad publicity and giving the police a reason to clamp down. It’s also the case that Labour politicians cannot possibly publicly condone or be associated with such behaviour.

Left wing politics is a continuum though. There isn’t a clear break between moderates and extremists, unlike there is between respectable conservative campaigners and the ‘far right’;. Other leftists would never morally equate violent anarchists with the ‘far right’ though because, despite their misguided tactics, they’re on the side of the good guys.

The reality is that leftism has a long tradition of advocating, perpetrating and romanticising political violence. The doctrine that democracy is merely a ruse and that real change can only be achieved through the violent overthrow of capitalism and its institutions goes back to the French Revolution, comes through Marx and the Bolsheviks and is a long-established adolescent fantasy (including ageing adolescents). George Orwell heeded the call to fight in the Spanish Civil War (at least he returned wiser), 1960s students put posters of Che Guevara on their wall (don’t tell them he personally executed homosexuals) and rock stars from John Lennon (from his Rolls Royce and Ascot mansion) to the Clash sang about revolution. (Joe Strummer’s father was not in fact a bankrobber, but a junior diplomat who put him through public school.)

The left will take to streets at drop of hat. They see it as their right and the tradition of their movement. They don’t respect democracy. See how they demonstrate the morning after an election result, or repeatedly after a referendum result, which didn’t go their way – effectively protesting against the electorate for not voting as they were told.

They don’t accept their opponents have the same moral right, and it doesn’t take much for them to resort to violence. See how Antifa and their like intimidate, attack and shut down right wing marches, rallies and meetings. Meanwhile the authorities across Europe and North America have no will to tackle them or their funders – even when they disrupt international summits and cause millions of pounds worth of criminal damage rioting.

We get exhortations to political violence and murder, not only from online haters, but supposedly respectable celebrities –  such as Madonna speaking before a crowd of thousands and, with zero irony or humour, talking about burning down the White House – because her favoured presidential candidate lost. Threats and incitements to violence, on and offline, are OK so long as they are leftist. Contrast this with the government/media/activist/police/tech company clamp down, censorship and prosecution of right wing ‘hate speech’, ‘toxic’ comments and ‘fake news’.

Left and right wing violence and intimidation are never compared on the same terms – though it is normally leftists who attack right-wingers. The murder of Jo Cox was cynically exploited to accuse the Leave campaign of stirring up evil forces. A manufactured spike in reporting of hate crime was blamed on Brexit. Never mind all the ‘Kill Donald Trump’ tweets and Facebook posts, which are deemed within guidelines – and someone really did try to kill Trump. Despite the increasingly hostile environment for free speech, ‘human rights’ groups are locked into the same Cultural Marxist mindset. Its unimaginable they would ever speak out for the rights of persecuted right-wingers.

Don’t think we can’t just vote Cultural Marxism out of power. This may sound alarming, but I have to warn you, we might have to go through civil war across the Western world. It’s not us who will start the violence. It is the left who will start the violence. In fact they already have. They’re nasty people. We must avoid responding in kindy for as long as practicable. The public must see clearly that it’s the left who are anti-democratic, violent and fascistic.

Who will physically defend us though? Do we hope for the Cultural Marxist-controlled police and army to mutiny? I wouldn’t bank on it. I can’t see our stalwart but elderly members holding back the anarchist thugs. We may have to ally ourselves with those patriotic street demonstrators UKIP assiduously distances itself from.

Perhaps we should update Pastor Niemöller’s words for the 21st century:

First they came for the BNP and the EDL, but I did not speak out…

Photo by photosbyChloeMuro

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