Tommy Robinson moved to another prison

What we all feared – that Tommy Robinson’s 13-month-sentence for contempt of court would be a death sentence – looks to have become reality.

It is beyond belief that the Home Secretary Sajid Javid – the Prison Service is under his control – has allowed this transfer to take place.

It’s as if none of our concerns are worth a damn, as if the rally in London and elsewhere on Saturday were negligible.

Of course, given the way our civil service works, it is entirely ‘normal’ that, behind the screen of the Brexit debates in Parliament, they thought that these were ‘good days’ to hide bad news. Anyway, why should the nation worry or even be told that a prisoner was moved from one place to the other! Death threats? Don’t be silly, they only need to be taken seriously if they happen to an MP or a major ‘celebrity’. And anyway – there’s ‘Love Island’ and the Footie World Cup which surely will now have both the female and the male parts of the nation in thrall – after all, aren’t some of Tommy’s supporters ‘Football Lads’?

This is how the story unfolded:

Late evening, those on social media were alerted by tweets that Tommy Robinson had been moved to a different prison – a prison with a majority of muslim inmates:

According to Tommy’s friend and colleague Caolan Robertson this happened just as Tommy’s friends and supporters got a new solicitor who is setting up an appeal against this sentence – see his interview on Infowars yesterday evening here.

Raheem Kassam tweeted last night that this move came from the Home Office. Our friends and colleagues at Kipper Central wrote this report last night and our friend and colleague Luke Nash-Jones also reported this story.

As usual, the news have spread like wildfire across the social media, especially those based in the USA. There’s nothing in the British MSM – not even a snide article refuting the news that Tommy has been moved, not even a snide little comment that Tommy is safe and his supporters are all hysterical islamophobes – nothing. This is astonishing in a way because our modern MSM do love to cobble together “reports” based on tweets.

So it is up to us to see that Tommy is safe – not just by creating a public outcry but by doing it the old-fashioned way as well.

First and foremost – write (tweet/email) the Home Secretary:

Sajid Javid on Twitter

Next – write to your local MP. This is to alert them that we are watching.

And tell the governor of Leicester Prison as well: we are watching:

This is the page for Leicester Prison

Tell them all that we won’t let them get away with this!

It is beyond belief that our ‘masters’ in Government, TPTB, have done this. It is beyond belief that, knwoing full well what will happen to Tommy in a ‘normal’ prison with the ‘normal’ complement of muslim inmates, they still moved him to exactly such a place.

Are they too stupid and too ensconced in their Ivory towers to take notice of Tommy’s and of our warnings – and just don’t care? Or have they done this with intent, to silence Tommy once and for all? Don’t forget – his enemies in prison don’t have to kill him outright – they only need to beat him up to such an extent that he’ll be crippled for life, unable to move or speak.

So have at it – go and tell them that we are watching, that they cannot hide behind ‘important news’, and that, if something should happen to Tommy, that rally in London will have been like a gentle walk in the park.

Tweet and email the link to this, our report, wherever you can – these are desperate times and we need to create the publicity our MSM will not.



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