Just why has Tommy Robinson got to wait yet again for a  —  possible — last hearing on his case at the Old Bailey?

Well, intention can often be judged by result, so we must first look at the result of what has happened to Tommy over this last summer.  Since 2009 he has been fighting to expose Islamist rape gangs, one of which ruined his cousin, which for decades have been operating unhindered all over the country.   As we know, the authorities and the Government are so terrified of being called ‘racist’ that this news had to be buried, kept out of the media at all costs, so Tommy’s activities were definitely not welcome.  Nor was his founding of The English Defence League as a reaction to a Muslim protest against a homecoming Army parade in his home town of Luton.  In 2013 he resigned from the EDL as it was becoming racist and Tommy is no racist (check his friends), but this didn’t stop his fight against the rape gangs.   And the Government has become increasingly alarmed. So what were they going to do?

Now, agreed, Tommy is or was no angel.  Back when it all started, he was a rough, tough Luton boy and there was a lot the Government could use to jail him, and in jail, there were a lot of Muslims who didn’t like him either.  A dangerous situation for an anti-Islamist like Tommy who was threatened, beaten up and kept in solitary confinement ‘for his own protection’.

And this is what happened again this summer for I fear that our Justice is no longer independent, at least with regard to Tommy Robinson.

In May, in his capacity as a roving journalist, he attempted to film defendants at of Asian grooming gang as they entered Leeds Crown Court and reported live on the case which was viewed more than 250,000 times.   Tommy was then arrested for ‘disturbing the peace’, whisked into the court, charged with Contempt of Court and breaking his bail from a previous case and, all within five hours, he was jailed again for 13 months.  Whether his arrest was or was not correct is still open to doubt, but what happened next was quite definitely not.

Having originally been sent to the relatively safe jail in Hull, he was abruptly transferred to Onley Prison in Warwickshire which has a very large number of Muslim prisoners and where once again ‘for his protection’, Tommy was placed in solitary confinement.  Here he spent over two months before his case could go to Appeal and was subject to what could be termed psychological abuse both from the Muslim inmates and from the authorities there. For instance, Tommy refused to eat the meals prepared by Muslim cooks and delivered to his cell, worried that they might contain ground glass but was only allowed to buy a small amount of food daily with his own money.  When he left to attend his Appeal at the Old Bailey in August, Tommy had lost 40 lbs in weight.

It’s pretty obvious that the Government were expecting to break Tommy but Tommy Robinson is a remarkable man, and although his health has suffered, he has grown stronger.

Over the last few years, he has matured.  He is no longer a knock-about football hooligan, but a married man with a wife and two children and a family he is determined to protect  —  hence a frequent change of name. Nor will he give up his fight against the rape gangs.   So increasingly the Government has reason to be concerned as to what this new Tommy Robinson can and might do about the Islamist situation in Britain.

Tommy is exceptionally brave, has strength of will and great personality, while the camera —  an essential in these days of TV and Internet  —  catches his masculine good looks.   He’s an efficient organiser and makes compelling speeches.   He’s intelligent and clever (see his book ‘Enemy of the State’ and ‘Mohammed’s Koran – Why Muslims Kill for Islam’ which he co-authored together with Peter McLoughlin) and while the middle classes might sneer at his patriotism, his love of his country, he attracts large numbers of his own working class both here and abroad, who have been turning out in their thousands to support him.

And this could be the reason that Tommy’s Appeal has been kicked down the road not once but twice.   So far.

It could well be that the Government feels that the longer his court case goes on, the sooner Tommy Robinson will be forgotten.  The public have short memories. Fewer people will turn out for yet another court case which will just be delayed yet again. And those who have been supporting him financially might give up.  Even his employer, Ezra Levant of the Rebel Media might feel that enough is enough and turn to other causes.

But the court case has to come to a decision sometime:  do they jail Tommy Robinson or do they set him free?   And what happens in either case?

If the Government has him jailed he will be classed as a ‘martyr’ by a swelling number of his supporters. Demonstrations and maybe riots on the streets of Britain will grow.  And what if he dies in prison?  How badly would that effect the country? Would that destroy the Government?   Even cause a Civil War?

But if the Government allows him to be set free, he will be a hero, possibly gathering more and more support for what he is fighting for. He might even be allowed to join the UK Independence Party  —  and how many of his British supporters might then do the same?   Would that bring down the Government?

So how is the Government going to control Tommy Robinson?

That’s a very good question.

One thing for sure is that if Tommy lives, he will never give up his fight against the rape gangs and Islamists in general;  if he dies, neither will his supporters.

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