I write this in the hope that by tonight we may have good news about Tommy, but the points I make below will stand regardless. Let me also make this, now sadly necessary, disclaimer: this article is not a piece on the whys and wherefores of Tommy’s arrest. It’s about the MSM.

Overnight we received this link – a must-read! It’s an appeal from our cousins across the Big Pond to support a legal challenge to free Tommy.

Let’s recap: Tommy Robinson’s arrest and imprisonment was kept quiet in our Establishment MSM. Moreover, early reports were subsequently pulled. I’ve written about this here. The reason floating around the net was that ‘there was a D-Notice’. You might check out this official website which clearly describes what a DSMA (not ‘D’) notice is, and you might also read this article which debunks the rumour of a “D-Notice” in respect of the Grenfell Towers catastrophe. To me – but, to quote one of our contributors, IANAL – it seems highly unlikely that such notice was issued.

There is, however, a far more restrictive notice. That is the Court Order banning the reporting on Tommy, issued by Judge Geoffrey Marson QC – please read the excellent comment posts on this point under the article I linked to above. Thus reporting on Tommy’s arrest might indeed lead to a ‘contempt-of-court’ injunction being slapped on an editor.

Meanwhile, some curious phenomena can be observed. One is that the social media are full of tweets on the arrest and on Tommy (for example, just check out #FreeTommy on Twitter) which are disregarded by our establishment MSM who more often than not make up their ‘reports’ reproducing tweets after tweets after tweets.

Another is that online media based elsewhere, especially in the USA and Canada, have been reporting in full strength. I highly recommend reading this latest article from the Gatestone Institute and watch this latest video from Geert Wilders. Many have put videos on youtube which so far have not been removed (see list of links below).

And then there’s the demo which took place on Saturday. Planned as a demo for Free Speech, it became a demo to Free Tommy Robinson. Various video reports have made the rounds ever since and we have published the one giving the speeches by Gerard Batten, David Coburn and Luke Nash-Jones here. Gerard said in his speech, after asking the audience why they were there: ‘we’re not allowed to say why we’re here’ … illustrating this vastly curious thing of a huge demo for someone and something nobody is allowed to mention!

Even curiouser is that the cowardly MSM which pulled their articles on Tommy’s arrest with abandon have been reporting on that demo, with the usual slurs painting everyone taking part as ‘right-wing hooligans’. Of course, none of these writers ask why people protest and shout ‘free Tommy’ – that would be against the court order. Or would it?

I think that this astonishing spectacle by our establishment MSM makes one point very clear – a point many of us have been remarking upon in the last few years: the disgraceful deterioration of journalistic standards. Open any paper, read any online MSM and you’ll find that there’s no longer a distinction being made between a factual report and an opinion piece. But if everybody is too afraid of the might of TPTB to even state a fact, just a fact – not an opinion, a fact! – for fear of being hauled before a judge, then where is this going to lead us?

A Free Press is there to scrutinise government and all the forces government can utilise. A Free Press is one of the fundamentals of a free, democratic society. If the MSM does not, cannot report facts, then how can we form our own opinion?

In a society with no Free Press, all that people would be able to read and receive would be what is crudely known as propaganda. Just think of the various events where all we get is spin and ‘nudges’ that veil actual facts so that we’ll be willing to accept just what TPTB want us to accept. And how can one question or scrutinise TPTB if one doesn’t have facts?

One despicable aspect of this attitude, to ‘guide’ listeners and readers, is the now sadly pervasive ‘no platforming’ at our institutions of ‘Higher Learning’, instilling the attitude so many of us deplore: ‘facts don’t matter – only feelings do’.

If reporting nowadays then stands for the reporting of ‘feelings’, and if this is the way someone like Judge Marson QC now interprets reporting, then his issuing of the Court Order is at least understandable.

However – does this really mean we can no longer say in public that someone has been arrested? I think not. And that’s why I call the establishment MSM cowards: there was no reason to pull early reports of that arrest after the issuing of the Court Order. There is, after all, the concept that a new Law and thus, I believe, a Court Order, cannot be applied retrospectively. Some papers, as I’ve written, let the reports stand, leading one to ask why the others were too scared, even Breitbart: it’s called ‘pre-emptive obedience’. It’s subservience to TPTB.

Of course, there’s this delicious other aspect which seems to have escaped the notice of TPTB: the tweets, videos, and reports on sites based outside the UK cannot be taken down, a UK court order does not apply to them. So will the government, will the judge now prosecute all those sites and editors? They would have to shut down UK access to the whole internet. That can, of course, be done – China has done so …

And right there is the clue as to what sort of society we here in the UK are now living in: an undemocratic dictatorship, not run by Parliament, but by the unholy alliance of the administration, judiciary, and certain establishment MSM: a “Meinungsdiktatur”, an ‘opinion dictatorship’.

In the face of the blatant failure of our MSM, of their wimping out of protecting our rights, we must perhaps really be afraid. But then again, just as it is a fact that ice is cold, so it is a fact that Tommy Robinson was arrested … there – I’ve reported it: … ice is cold …!

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