In the Party Newsletter yesterday evening members received the notification that our Party Chairman, Tony McIntyre, had resigned.


Under the heading “New Party Chairman Appointed” we read:


Tony McIntyre has resigned as UKIP Party Chairman today, Sunday 7th October. Tony has resigned on medical advice.


After helping to save the party in early 2018 he has presided over the party in a difficult and demanding time and overseen our most successful conference ever. He remains a committed member of the party.


Tony’s role has been extremely demanding and stressful and reluctantly he has had to take medical advice to step aside.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten and the National Executive Committee today gave Tony a unanimous vote of thanks and appreciation for his efforts.


Gerard Batten said:

“UKIP is tremendously grateful to Tony for his efforts over the last eight months and we wish him well for the future.”


Kirstan Herriot has been appointed by Gerard Batten as the new Party Chairman.


We at UKIP Daily wish to add our voice to all those thanking Tony for his incredible hard work during these few months, especially for his unstinting support for us grassroots members.

Tony and his hard work will be gratefully and fondly remembered by us and will be the measuring stick for the future.

We wish him a speedy and thorough recovery.

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