As every UKIP member and supporter knows, we have some very important elections coming up.

Elections are expensive so we need to raise money and support in whatever way we can.  I hope what follows will inspire, help and generate what is needed to ensure we run a successful winning campaign.

1)    Everyone in each branch will have a skill that can be utilised. Those who are unable to deliver leaflets and get outside to the people can have a really essential part to play.  These people can telephone supporters and people who have told the canvassing team they are leaning towards UKIP and will possibly vote for us in the next election.  The branch can supply a basic script for the telephone canvassers.  It could be something like this;

i)       Basic Starting Script – “Hello (name of person) I am (your name) from (UKIP Branch Name) I believe you have had a chat with one of our members recently and have said you are interested in UKIP policies and what they will bring to your area. Is this a convenient time to have a chat about UKIP?”

ii)    Each Branch has its own unique problems in their locality, use these as a hook to ensure that you grab their attention and show that UKIP are in tune with local issues.  What are these main problems?  Put them into the script and suggestions of how UKIP would resolve them.

iii)  Give a brief over view of our main flagship policies and how we have our policies written by members and how UKIP are answerable to their local communities.

2)    Get your more agile members out knocking doors and getting pledges from the people.  Make sure these are written down and get as much info from the potential voter as possible so that the telephone canvassing team will have something to start the conversation with.

3)    Get involved in local issues, school closures, hospital car parking costs, worries of local parents, all the usual things that the councillors who have been voted to represent the constituents should be doing but rarely do.  This is the best way to gain support.  Help one person with a problem relating to housing and they will tell 10 people at least of your help and support.  So get involved and get yourselves about.  If there is an issue raised that you are think needs to be answered by the spokesman for that area then refer the problem up and do it quickly, speed is of the essence in these matters. Head office has all the contact details of the spokesmen for each area so consult with them.  (Maybe HO could send a list to each Chairman of the spokesmen for each area and they relevant contact details?)

4)    Every other Weekend (or every Weekend if Possible) get a table in the centre of each ward in your branch area.  Get petitions to be signed on local issues, have literature about UKIP, get your PPC to join you and any of the MEP candidates.  Take the politics to the people and talk to them. Have membership forms with you too, some people will join on the day.

5)    Always have a leaflet or contact document on you so you can give them out when you chat to people in the pub, market, Church and street etcetera.  The main thing is to always have something to give people who you speak to so they have a UKIP thing in their bag.

6)    Fundraising ideas are always welcome.  On your table top days have a tombola or raffle with two or three prizes, these can make considerable amounts over time and will bring money into the branches to help with the fighting funds for the forthcoming elections.

7)    At each branch meeting ask members to put £1 into the pot, again this will soon mount up and will help to pay for leaflets and things to promote the branch.

8)    If you have local elections on the same day as the European Elections think about having a joint leaflet with the MEP candidates on one side and the ward candidate on the other.  This will reduce costs, increase coverage and mean that those who will be delivering will be taking the whole message to the people. Also avoids duplication and our agile members getting blisters on their feet.

9)    If you do not have local elections on the same day as the European Elections then please get behind your MEP Candidates and do all you can to assist them. The same ideas as above will be just as useful for a European Campaign as it is for any other campaign.

10)   Get yourselves noticed in the local media, write letters to the paper about the any local issues that people are concerned about say how UKIP would resolve the problem with a common sense approach. Work on contacts with the media and use them to highlight problems local people are facing.

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