Saturday was a great day for many Branches to be out and about. Jen Walsh, Chair of UKIP Torbay, sent us this report: 

On Saturday, July 21st July we had a table in Torquay Town Centre.  We have had such tables in the Torbay Towns on a regular basis promoting Brexit or whatever but on this occasion, we decided to promote UKIP especially.  We had a UKIP banner on the front of the table and were giving out UKIP membership forms to whoever was interested.  In the event, 12 people took away forms but a great number of people came up to the table saying that they were glad UKIP were still around.

We had many interesting comments some of which were repeated time and again, these being variations on the following:

“We don’t trust politicians, we despise MPs and politics because they do not listen”

“We will never vote for anyone again if we don’t get brexit”

“I voted remain but I wish I had had the courage to vote leave (believed project fear)”

“I voted remain but would now vote leave because of the anti democracy being shown”

It is interesting that, although quite literally hundreds of people walked past our table, not one said anything remotely ‘anti-UKIP’, on the contrary, everybody who said anything at all to us was glad to see UKIP back.

People took away hundreds of leaflets and we only left when we ran out.

It might be of interest of UKIPPERS to know that on occasion we have had a table only a few yards from the remainers we are glad to report that whilst always we had a crowd the remainers did not and often sulked off early.

Jen Walsh

Chairman Torbay UKIP

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