Toby Young, a north London journalist best known for launching a Free School in his area, has begun the New Year by reviving his desperate idea for a pact between his  declining and dispirited Conservative party and the rising and increasingly confident UKIP.

As the Bible says: ‘As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool returns to his folly’.

Toby’s terms for the deal – he calls it his ‘Country Before Party‘ vote swapping scheme – are not exactly mouth-wateringly attractive to UKIP supporters. Essentially, he is proposing that to stop Ed Miliband becoming Prime Minister (which he sees as the ultimate disaster), UKIP should stand aside in seats where so-called Conservative Eurosceptics are standing, and give such stalwarts a clear run at seeing off Labour.

So what, in return, would UKIP get out of such a scheme?  Here Toby’s feet start to execute a soft shoe shuffle, and the sales spiel gets as vague as a rep trying to sell sand in the Sahara.

Apparently, UKIP would get two things from the deal: 1) The promise of a 2017 in/out referendum. 2) ‘a few’ MPs.

Ah, that promise of a referendum. Would that be the same ‘cast-iron guarantee’ solemnly promised (and then promptly reneged on) by old Cast Iron Dave himself? Yes, the very same. So we know how much that particular promise is worth.

And those ‘few seats’ where Conservative voters would pledge themselves to vote UKIP, where would they be now? Ah, Toby only mentions one: Eastleigh.

The same Eastleigh where UKIP’s excellent candidate Diane James  pushed the Conservatives into an ignominious third place in last February’s by-election. So does that mean the Conservatives will chuck in the towel there and not stand?

No, our Toby is in no position to guarantee that. No wonder then, that his scheme has received a virtually unanimous giant raspberry from almost every comment on the threads where he has set out his proposals.

The truth is that Toby’s grand scheme is not worth the paper that its not written on, and is just a symptom of the increasing state of panic gripping Cameron’s pseudo-Conservatives as they begin to grasp the nature of UKIP’s challenge to the rule of LibLabCon.

There might have been a time, long ago, when UKIP supporters would have entertained such an unofficial pact. Those were the days when some of the more trusting souls among us believed that there was such a thing as Conservative Euroscepticism. But the scales have long since fallen from our eyes.

Even the meanest intelligence now knows that the Conservative party’s leadership are craven cowards who have sold out our independence, sovereignty and existence as a free nation to an increasingly oppressive unelected foreign power. And that the mass of Conservative MPs – including so-called Eurosceptics – are too gutless to remove this corrupt Cameron clique which is leading them into the abyss.

The choice between Miliband and Cameron is akin to death by cyanide or death by arsenic; both are toxic for Britain. Increasing numbers of people realise that UKIP is the only alternative to their putrid politics and that any sort of pact with the parties of death would be like embracing a corpse.

Sorry Toby: it’s no deal. We are out to destroy you, not to marry you.

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