“Total Destruction – The Only Solution”

That’s a line from ‘The Real Situation’ by Bob Marley – a great hero of the hard left in the 1970s for his songs exhorting black people the world over to rise up against the white-controlled, formerly colonial, global capitalist system (rather than just a guy who wrote a few good songs, smoked a lot of dope and held a bizarre belief that an African dictator was the messiah). It’s a line which pretty well sums up the leftist mindset.

Let’s talk about the real situation.

Leftism is far from a vison for an enlightened and compassionate society based on love for one’s fellow humans. Leftists convince themselves that is what drives them (and that by definition their opponents must be selfish, deceitful and evil). In fact they are driven by a mindless adolescent tribal identity and a blind hatred of the right which flows from that. They fall into the basic fallible human traps of being too proud to admit they’ve got it wrong, to rationally review their beliefs policies in hindsight, to negotiate, cohabit and learn from those who see things differently, or to accept democratic decisions which don’t go their way.

Leftists view Western nations and traditions as indivisible from the capitalist economic system, privilege, discrimination and perceived historic wrongs, all of which they hate. They have a shame and self-loathing merely because they have been born into this society which they think is so bad. Any other culture (no matter how backward, barbaric or prejudiced in its own way in reality) is preferable to ours. They would love to see our nation, society and economy simply collapse – indeed they happily work to that end.

The irony is that Western societies are so much more civilised, tolerant, democratic and prosperous than others throughout history and around the world partly because the campaigning of the predecessors of today’s liberals. That is why so many are attracted to come here, away from their own dysfunctional third world countries.

There were some genuine injustices in the past, which society has gone a long way to mitigate over the years. Reform is not enough to the left however. Whether consciously, in the case of the extremist, or unconsciously, for those who just consider themselves progressive, the left will never be satisfied until the offending institution is completely denigrated and destroyed. Therefore:

  • “Western culture must be destroyed.
  • Traditional institutions must be destroyed.
  • Christianity must be destroyed.
  • Economics which rewards enterprise and industriousness must be destroyed.
  • The nation state must be destroyed.
  • Pride in your nation, culture and history must be destroyed, unless we deem it to have victim status.
  • The family must be destroyed.
  • Men and masculinity must be destroyed.
  • Physical attractiveness must be destroyed.
  • The distinction between men and women must be destroyed.
  • The heterosexual norm must be destroyed.
  • The criminal justice system, safe streets and the quiet enjoyment of property must be destroyed.
  • Indigenous Western peoples must be destroyed.
  • Right wingers must be destroyed.
  • Every last person who has an objection must be persecuted, prosecuted and destroyed.
  • We must destroy ourselves as the only fitting apology for our shame.”

It even seems to me that the popularity of extensive tattoos and body piercing among the young is a form of self-harm – like abused children who cut themselves. They’ve been so indoctrinated into being ashamed of what they are. Add to this the prevalence of mental and possibly psychosomatic health issues, plus the number of young white men in particular who seem to move through the world apologising for themselves – no wonder so many young women seem to be coming out as lesbian.

The more accurate definition of ‘hate speech’ is ‘speech which leftists hate’ – and leftists hate all speech which they find threatening, especially if it demonstrates the flaws in their ideology. Repression of free speech and dissent is done in the name of fighting the ‘far right’ – which they define as anyone who deviates from their dogma.

If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail – especially if all you want to do is hammer the right. We see this is the reactions to Islamist terror atrocities. The police declare their top priority is to protect Muslims. Leaders declare “They” (i.e. those right-wingers) “shall not divide us.” It wasn’t right wingers who just killed and maimed you though. Perhaps you can go as far as Leanne Wood and declare Islamic terrorists and right-wingers are all the same thing.

Mere common criminals are redeemable, deserve our compassion and are viewed as victims of the system. Critics and unbelievers of leftist ideology are an entirely different class of criminal who must be dehumanised. Every other facet of them as an all-round human – as a professional, family member, friend, lover, hobby enthusiast, volunteer, person with passions, principles, spirituality, humour and experiences – is entirely irrelevant and negated by the irredeemable disgrace that they hold the wrong opinion, or perhaps said the wrong thing.

Leftism is a zealous ideology which will not rest until it has completely destroyed its opponents. (Perhaps this is why it finds common cause with Islamism.) Anyone who believes it can be contained within the principles of democracy and the Enlightenment is dangerously naïve. We must now recognise we are in a war for cultural survival against this madness.

Fascism and National Socialism were totally defeated in war. Soviet-style communism may have ultimately fallen, but international socialism was never decisively defeated by democracy and freedom. We didn’t sweep away all vestiges of it. It’s like antibiotics – if you don’t finish the course and kill the illness completely, it’ll flare up again.

One of Margaret Thatcher’s biggest mistakes was, following the defeat of militancy, not to root out cultural Marxism in the public sector, the education system, the media and the entertainment industry.

When it comes to the socialist, communist and cultural Marxist manifestations of leftism:  Total Destruction = The Only Solution

[Ed: This is the sixthth article in the series. There are more to come which will be published here in the next days. Read Article Five here, also giving links to the previous articles at the bottom of the page here.]


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