The following is an extract from ‘The light’s on at signpost’ by George MacDonald Fraser. Submitted by Ted Wildey as something you may like to ponder on as you plan your referendum parties, the full book is available here. First published in 2002, in many ways it could have been written yesterday.



“Is it not remarkable that Britain, with a record on human rights superior to any other nation’s, Britain which has done more to spread honest law and democracy than all the European states  together, Britain whose ideas and ideals have been adopted by every respectable people on earth, should be lectured on “human rights” by the continent which gave us the Holocaust, the Inquisition, the French Revolution and subsequent horrors of Napoleonic aggression, the police state, fascism, communism, and other benefits too numerous to mention – to say nothing of being so wicked, corrupt, and feeble that within living memory it had to be rescued by Britain, America and Russia.

Brazen impudence is too mild a phrase for the effrontery of the European Court in issuing its dictats to us, and all the epithets of cowardice are insufficient to describe the British governments of both parties who have been so craven and witless to accept them.

I am ranting, no doubt about it.  But then, I am enraged at what has been done to my country by the contemptible dross elected to Westminster in evil hours, worst of all the Heath government which gave Britain its death blow, and New Labour who have trampled over the corpse.  But not half so angry, I dare swear, as our forefathers would be if they could see the betrayal, by worthless politicians, of the country they worked so hard to build, and the surrender of the precious freedoms won by better men at Gravelines and Trafalgar and Waterloo and Flanders and Alamein and in the skies above Kent.

“Oh, emotive drum-beating” I can hear the snoopopaths cry.  “Jingoism of the most Victorian kind, a bellow from a bygone age! “  That is how they see their country’s past, and are too stupid and complacent to look to its future.  But even they would do well to ask themselves what Churchill and what the first Elizabeth and Chatham and William Wallace and the Unknown Soldier (yes, and Washington and Jefferson and Lincoln) would have thought of the pass to which Britain has been brought in the past half-century.

It would be said that these worthies belonged to other times, and their notions are out of date.  Not so.  The freedoms they believed in are eternal, and we will lose them forever if we allow ourselves to be conned or bullied into, first, the ludicrous Euro, and inevitably, thereafter, railroaded into a European superstate, a union of European soviets controlled by the people whose ways are not our ways, whose values are not our values, and whose polities have shown themselves inferior to ours at any time in the past millennium.

Consider how willingly they accept dictatorships, whether of Louis XIV or Napoleon or Hitler or Mussolini or Franco and compare their pathetic record with ours, who tolerated even such an enlightened despot as Cromwell for a bare decade.  Europe is simply not fit to have a say in British affairs, and if one recalls Kipling’s line about “lesser breeds” it is not as a racist slur but as a simple truth, and because one questions their competence, their reliability, and, above all, their honesty.

Corruption is plainly endemic, not only in great matters at the very top in the European Parliament, but in such trivia as the World Cup 2006 scandal: the bribe, the backhander, the favour. the nepotism, the freebie at public expense – these are the air that the EU breathes, and there are signs in our own political establishment that the infection is spreading, although we still, fortunately, have some way to go before our scandals reach European proportions.

How unfit the Continental politicos are for government is patent from such indecent proposals emanating from Strasbourg which would have “Undemocratic” parties blacklisted – this stemming from the propaganda campaign against the inclusion of Haider’s Right-wing party in the Austrian coalition.  “Undemocratic” meaning any party or politician of whom the Left wing disapprove.  Had it been a Communist party, the party of Stalin and the Gulag and an even greater bloodbath that the Holocaust, not a word would have been said; Left is right and Right is wrong, you understand, and the fact that Haider’s party, whatever you may think of them and him, had been democratically elected, went for nothing. The irony is that nothing could be more Fascist than the attempt to ban a political party; so much for the EU view of democracy.  To quote Brecht on Hitler; “The bitch that bore him is in heat again”, in Brussels and Strasbourg – and these are the people who dare call their opponents Fascists.

The totalitarian dangers of Europeanisation are to be seen at every turn.  It is European gospel that the EU Commissioners must put Europe ahead of their national loyalties; it is European doctrine that we have the “strongest obligation” to the Communist countries of Eastern Europe, who must be brought into the union without delay.  Personally, I am conscious of no obligation to Bulgaria or Romania, to name but two, and the last thing I want to see is these  sponger nations consuming our national wealth and, in time no doubt, imposing on us the “democratic ideals” they learned under communism.

The great mystery is why the Eurofanatics want to see us under the sway of Brussels.  It has already cost us a fortune and done us untold damage; why should they wish to cost us more and damage us still further?  The motive of those on the European gravy-train is plain enough, but what’s in it for those commercial interest spokesmen who clamour for the Euro and closer integration?  Short-term profit?  Perhaps;  there are those quite base and stupid enough to think the loss of national sovereignty a small price to pay for lining their pockets.  They would probably be on the Right, but what attracts the Left?  Being part of a glorious union of Socialist Republics?  Surely not, at this time of day.”

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