A long time ago I sat on a nice terrace, eating my lunch in the sun. Well, it seems like a long time ago – it was at Doncaster, at last year’s Autumn Conference. The sun was shining, and a smartly dressed young man sat down at the next table. He immediately started working his smartphone. He was a journalist …

My ears being in good working order, I heard him ask whoever that was at the other end ‘shall we then go with saying that Nigel is toxic for the OUT campaign?’ I was looking forward to reading the usual slime, calling Nigel toxic, in the papers that weekend, but it didn’t really seem to take off, and I wondered why.

Now, after the Electoral Commission has designated Vote Leave as the leading campaign group, with a nice little kitty of £7 million attached; after having read the comments below the newspaper articles reporting on this turn of events, comments which were pretty unanimous in calling this a stitch-up and worse, I am wondering again.

I am wondering if perhaps the Establishment has now finally got what it wanted: keeping Nigel Farage away, far away from both their IN- and OUT-campaigns by nominating Vote Leave, manned and womanned by stalwart MPs. Yes, they are cross-party – but they are the same faces we’ve seen in the House of Commons for years, from Mr. Gove and Ms. Stuart to Mr. Grayling and Mr. Field. And then there are all the nice, professional Tory Party campaigners whom we’ve come across during the last election campaigns…

Nobody in that lot wants Nigel Farage anywhere near – and now, in this vital campaign, they’ve managed it so that they don’t need to be seen together with him. Should our PM, Mr. Cameron, deign to allow a TV debate, he can now ‘debate’ with BoJo (that’s Boris Johnson) or any of the others, no need to go for a replay of the famous TV debates Nigel Farage had with Nick Clegg. We all remember how that turned out, don’t we!

No, any debate can now be held, gentlemanlike, between members of the same, governing party. Isn’t that nice and cosy! And anyway, wouldn’t you believe what your PM tells you, rather than Boris or a Mr. Gove?

There’s only one little snag in this comfortable, Establishment-run campaign: we, the people, out here – the grassroots.

Vote Leave may reach the comfortable middle class voters in the Home Counties, or at least try to, and yes, their votes are needed. But look further away, and there are we, in the North, the South, the West, the East: the people which Grassroots Out (‘GO’) is reaching, the people the GO campaigners are talking to, the GO meetings where Nigel Farage has been and will be giving his electrifying speeches.

That’s what will count in the end.

There’s however another important aspect to this campaign which we must keep firmly in mind, no matter what our ever so wonderful MSM try to make us think: this is not an election – this is not about choosing between Cameron on the one hand and Nigel Farage or indeed BoJo or whoever else is on the Vote Leave list, on the other.

This is a clear, simple question about our future as a Nation: take our country back – or surrender to Brussels. Political personalities are important, but for once in a lifetime, their Westminster party politics have to come second – with one exception, and that is Nigel Farage. Not because he is a great orator – he is -, but because he and UKIP have worked for this one day for such a long time that it looks like forever. During all that time, these others did nothing or made matters worse. That’s why!

If the Establishment thinks he’s ‘toxic’, then they haven’t been out in the towns, cities and the country, they haven’t spoken to ordinary people like we do every day. They may think in Westminster that this Establishment stitch-up must now surely, surely put paid to that wily UKIP fox. Well, I believe they are wrong, and I believe the country, that is we, the people, will show them just that when we count the votes in the night of Thursday, June 23rd.

The Vote Leave organisation has now got to pull out all the stops and work hard for their £7 million of our money to win BREXIT – we’ll be watching.

But the real work will be done, as always, by us footsoldiers, by the grassroots, and we know who our leader is.

Let us not fall for the shenanigans which undoubtedly will come in the next week: in the MSM, in Parliament, from Brussels – let’s not get divided by internecine squabbles. Let’s instead remember a famous saying by our dear PM himself: “We’re all in this together”. So we are, but not in the way he thinks!

We’re all in this together to win BREXIT, regardless of who our allies are in this fight – a fight we must win, or have the boot of Brussels forever on our country, destroying all what our ancestors have fought for over the last 800 years. We cannot allow this to happen; we cannot allow the INners and Brussels to win because we fight amongst ourselves.
The true fight is against the Camerons, Corbyns, Junckers, Merkels, against the EU. Let’s remember that – and let’s get on with that true fight!

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