The sticking point of Brexit negotiations so far has been just how much we should pay as a leaving fee to the EU. We’re told that we must have a trade deal at all costs, but why? Who exactly would benefit from such a deal? Is it good value?

I’ve been looking at some numbers and it seems to me that UKIP need to obtain a much more detailed analysis of this trade deal. I admit that I don’t have the time or expertise to do this, but questions need to be asked. There’s an interesting article here on Full Fact, the UK’s independent fact checking charity.

In 2016, some 43% of UK exports went to the European Union, that’s 240 out of a total 550 billion pounds. This amounts to a trade deficit of 80 billion pounds, adding a further 8.6 billion for the net cost of EU membership, brings us to a total of 88.6 billion pounds. Last year there were 30.4 million taxpayers in the United Kingdom, this is costing just under 3000 pounds per taxpayer.

According to an article in The Economist: “Britain’s Biggest Export: Wealth”, Britain’s overseas investment income is diminishing and further adding to the current account deficit. The article further states:

“Ultimately, a current-account deficit represents a country flogging its assets or incurring debts to finance spending.”

Debts upon which the taxpayer must pay interest or have our countries assets stripped. I’ve added the cost of the EU trade deficit to the taxpayer because one way of another they will be the one paying for it. It’s all starting to be reminiscent of countries like Greece isn’t it? So far, Theresa May has committed to, even if only paid upon Brexit, a ridiculous exit fee of 39 billion pounds, this is very likely going to amount to much more; and of course I assume there will be an ongoing fee for access to the Single Market.

According to Full Fact and other sources:

“The UK is the EU’s second largest single export market for goods”

Shouldn’t the European Union be offering us money for access to our markets? According to the IMF World Economic Outlook, the EU’s share of the world economy is falling from around 35% of world economic output in 1980 to slightly over 20% today and still falling. I covered this in my recent article: “The Wrong Direction”. Of course we also pay for this single market access in other ways, like uncontrolled EU immigration that puts an enormous strain on our social and health services and housing.

Also of interest is that according to national statistics, in spite of our exploding population, the number of taxpayers in Britain has been falling in recent years. The burden on individual taxpayers is rising; in reality, the EU is helping to bankrupt Britain.

There’s an interesting report here by the Institute for Fiscal Studies. It contains a sector case study of the Financial Services Industry as an industry that benefits and contributes to a trade surplus with the Single Market. However, this only amounts to 3.9% of the UK’s total economic output. It seems that there are niche industries that benefit from Single Market access, but overall, the European Union has been a disaster for Britain. Perhaps it would have been far more efficient to send the 88.6 billion pounds that trading with the EU cost us in 2016 straight to the directors of said niche companies as a bonus.

Theresa May and the Remainers are desperate to keep us shackled to the European Union at massive cost; perhaps we should ask why. Who really benefits? It certainly isn’t the majority of British people. We’re being sold a pack of lies and spin again. Who do our government really represent? It certainly doesn’t seem to be us the people. Whatever happened to the idea of democracy?

I freely admit that my analysis here needs to be much more in-depth, I’m sure mealy mouthed Whitehall Mandarins could pick holes in it, but they’ve had plenty of practice haven’t they? This is just a cursory look, but it seems to me that since the time we joined the Trojan Horse that was the Common Market, we’ve been stitched up and robbed blind. I’m sure if we do the sums, we’ll find that for the last forty years we’ve been screwed for hundreds of billions, maybe trillions of pounds, and all to benefit very few people. What does that tell you about successive LibLabCon governments over the decades?

Theresa May is preparing to hand over 39 (in reality more like 60) billion pounds of our money to the European Union for nothing; when, in fact, they should be paying us! Paying to shackle us to a diminishing market, May’s arguments must be seen for the pack of lies that they are, it’s time for this robbery and fraud to end, and we need a clean break from the European Union.

UKIP have been quiet lately, but time is running out to start making a noise before it’s too late. Yes, these are arguments that need more research, analysis and probably expert help, but I’m sure there’s plenty of ammunition here to help us in our fight to leave the European Union crime syndicate.

A final note:

Because many of our non EU exports are shipped out via ports like Rotterdam, they are classed as exports to the EU. This makes it hard to quantify our real trade deficit with the EU. Some figures put this deficit at nearly double the figures I’ve quoted above, around 150 billion, plus membership fees and it comes to nearly 160 billion.

This is lunacy; this is a road that leads to Greece, a road to perdition. It seems to me that this is what the EU does to its member states and any country involved with it. It is a toxic entity, and we need to leave completely.


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