Does any politician forcing us into costly green taxes and energy bills know a Megawatt from a Megawatt hour? Or some of the other subtleties of electricity generation like continuous rating, base load, peak lopping, maximum demand (MVA), load flow, power system stability, power losses, availability, reactive power (MVAr), power factor, power factor correction, power quality, turn-down, islanding, efficiency, synchronous and asynchronous generators, co-generation, combined cycle, CHP, PWR, BWR, AGR, CAPEX and OPEX? So, whilst being ignorant of the even the basics, how can they work out whether or not all the hype about wind turbines saving the planet is true or if ‘the eco-wool is being pulled over their eyes’?

Do they even realise that a wind turbine turning at half rated speed is, if lucky, generating one eighth of its rated power, enough to keep the blades turning and losses supplied, and not much else? Or perhaps the laws of physics and design information can be manipulated to give different answers. So about 60% of the time, it is a waste of time, money, space and detrimental environmental impact; hence the need for reliable back-up generation on the ground, not 50 or 100m up a pole where maintenance (especially of the mechanical bits) is not so easy.

But there is a complication: the back-up generation has to be available when needed. For example, already running in-efficiently at low power, and frequently the wind turbine generator needs to be supplied with reactive power from other sources of generation (the Grid). Getting a bit technical? Unfortunately it gets worse when the whole subject of electricity generation, transmission and distribution is considered; this is clearly not a subject for those with an agenda who are neither knowledgeable nor experienced, otherwise their decisions are likely to be wrong, and we end up bearing the cost and unreliability of their follies.

It is difficult to understand why politicians in this country are closing down coal and oil fired power stations whilst in Continental Europe they appear to be building new ones to burn the much environmentally dirtier brown coalor lignite; 19 such facilities are reported to be in various stages of approval, planning or construction in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Poland, Romania and Slovenia. Why is there one set of EU rules for us and apparently another for them?

It is tragic to think that because energy and electricity costs are much higher than they could be, many of the most vulnerable people in our society, those struggling on limited incomes, will suffer, especially this and every winter. We have an appalling record each winter for hypothermia; especially amongst the elderly on limited pensions.  The main cause of our country’s green taxes, high energy bills and dysfunctional energy policies is the Climate Change Act 2008, which was Ed Milliband’s responsibility, supported wholeheartedly by David Cameron’s Conservatives, Nick Clegg’s LibDems and Ed’s Labour Party.

Ukip alone has a coherent and sensible approach to energy and electricity. It is expounded in the excellent UKIP Energy Policy 2014, Keeping the Lights On. This explains the subject clearly, succinctly and in ways the lay-person can understand. It comes across as based on thorough study, authoritative research, careful analysis, pragmatism and deep understanding of the issues involved; and, most importantly, compassion for those who will suffer or perish because of the folly of our main stream politicians.

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