Have you heard of the British Free Corps (BFC)?

“The face of Hitler’s British SS: Chilling pictures of the traitors who joined the Fuhrer’s most evil unit – with a Union Flag on their sleeve” Daily Mail Australia, March 2010

The above article by the Daily Mail makes for interesting reading, I’d never heard of the British Free Corps, a motley crew of absolute traitors to their country, Great Britain.

There’s another list of traitors here from eutruth.org: “List of Traitors to the United Kingdom”

Quite who EU Truth are I don’t know, but I do know that I completely agree with the list that they have provided. There is one name on the list that may surprise some however, so make up your own mind.

Adolf Hitler may have long gone, but I think Gerard Batten was quite correct when he said that the European Union’s band of dictators was comprised of the remnants of the Nazis. I’ve written about this myself, here: “Sieg Heil Frau May!”

It seems that the British Free Corps then is alive and well and we can add the latest name to the list of traitors, that of Theresa May.

At Chequers on Friday the 6th of July, Theresa May betrayed the will of 17.4 million British people, the winners of perhaps the most important referendum we’ve ever had or ever will have and their wise decision to leave the European Union.

As it turns out, long before May released details of her proposals to her cabinet, she’d already discussed them with Angela Merkel.

Imagine that you are selling your house: you employ an estate agent to get you the best possible market price, but after the sale, you find out that the agent in your employ had already told the buyer what was the minimum price you’d accept, just for the sake of a quick commission.

The above behaviour whether from a CEO, lawyer or even an estate agent would be considered a serious breach of professional conduct. There are numerous professional, trade and consumer laws that are meant to protect us from this kind of misconduct, but in the case of the government we’ve elected to represent us, I’m very sure that this could or should be called treason.

Theresa May is supposed to have been negotiating our withdrawal from the European Union, it is becoming crystal clear that all along she hasn’t been negotiating, she’s been collaborating. Such deceptive and misleading conduct wouldn’t be tolerated and would probably be illegal in most cases in industry and commerce, in an (nearly) elected government and Prime Minister it is an appalling betrayal of the people that they are supposed to represent.

There has been much talk in the press that since Theresa May’s betrayal the Conservative party will be unelectable for decades, yet Theresa May doesn’t appear to care. Could May’s attitude be because she really represents the European Union and not the Conservative Party and certainly not the British people? A Quisling called Theresa May …

To further understand the depths of Theresa May’s treachery, let’s look at the likely consequences for our country.

We’re told that we must have a trade deal with the European Union, to maintain frictionless trade, this is a lie and I’ve written about this before: “Trade Deal Robbery”

We run such a massive trade deficit with the European Union that it amounts to the asset stripping of our country. For most of us Brits EU membership has been a financial and economic disaster. Such a trade deal always has and only will benefit a very small band of elite businessmen and bankers and perhaps these are who Theresa May really represents, certainly not the British people.

Of course. the very last thing that the European Union or Theresa May were going to allow us to do was to take back control of our borders. That would undermine the EU’s strategy of race replacement. The numbers speak for themselves: we’re outnumbered in our capital city, Birmingham will follow suit in only a few years.

We’ll be outnumbered in the country as a whole in perhaps twenty to thirty years – an invasion in every sense of the word, and to add insult to injury, London among an increasing number of other British cities now have Muslim Mayors and shortly we may have a Muslim Prime-Minister.  

No matter what we agree with the European Union, if it doesn’t allow us to control our borders, within a few decades we’ll cease to exist as a nation. The European Union will succeed  in its globalist objectives.

When I think of the lovely, civilised country in which I grew up, it makes me weep. At a time when much of our industry has been offshored and unemployment is rising, we have millions of extra mouths to feed at our expense. We will never be able to pay enough taxes. Like all Socialist, Communist or Marxist schemes, this just never will make sense financially or economically. It’ll be necessary for the EU to employ ever more draconian and totalitarian methods to try and keep it together.

In a once proud nation, we have to watch as our children are groomed for sex, our women gang raped, violent crime and terrorism increase exponentially. All the time our government try to cover this up, they are complicit in these vile activities and it shows their complete contempt and disregard for the indigenous British people.

This then is where we find ourselves, Theresa May and her cohorts are determined to deprive us of our one chance to end this peacefully. The EU is determined to form an army and then there will be no peaceful withdrawal.

Our country has had its fair share of traitors, but treason on this scale is unprecedented. When all is said and done, I’m very sure Theresa May, a gargoyle of globalism, will go down in history as the worst traitor our country has ever had or ever will have.

The British Free Corps is alive and well.   


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