On a recent recording of Nigel Farage’s radio show, he interviewed Lord Andrew Green, chairman of Migration Watch. The questioning went:

Nigel: Firstly, can you explain to us how much our population has increased since the turn of the century.

Lord Green: …The total increase was 6.6 million from 2001 to 2016 but what we have done is to make the first proper calculation of how much of that increase was down to immigration. Some of that is obvious. The number of migrants is known, the number of children who came with them is known but what nobody has calculated was how many children they’ve had after their arrival. Obviously these children are not migrants because they were born here but clearly they have added to our population. So when you do that proper calculation… what we found was that in that 15 year period, 82 percent of our population increase was down to immigration. It’s just astonishing.

N: That’s five and a half million, roughly?

LG: Yes, 5.4 million, exactly. What that means is that immigration is adding to our population one million people every three years. It’s absolutely astonishing. It’s really not possible to talk about the impact on housing or schools or roads or whatever unless you recognise that a major cause of it is down to immigration.

To take one example, housing. We’d have to build a new home every five minutes, night and day, just to house new migrants. That’s the scale of it.

N: Can you explain to me… why is mainstream politics completely in denial on this subject?

LG: I think for a number of reasons. One is some people are nervous of being thought of as racist if they talk about immigration and I thing that applies quite widely in bureaucracy; they just don’t like to talk about it, and that applies to the BBC as well as a matter of fact. But I think beyond that we are approaching the point where the number of voters who are immigrants or have family abroad who they would like to come here, they are becoming or will become a significant factor in the calculations of the two major parties.

N: I’m sure that’s true, particularly in urban areas. Is there any prospect of Brexit doing anything to take back control of our borders?

LG: Yes, if we achieve a clean Brexit. It would be entirely up to us to decide who we want to have here and what we have recommended is that we should only have people who qualify for a work permit, highly skilled people. The rest should be either cut off completely or cut off over a period of time, because they don’t add to our GDP, to our wealth per head, they add to our numbers and that cancels out the contribution they make. So yes, it is perfectly possible to say we will only have the highly skilled. What we need is a government that has the balls to say it.

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